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“Antarctic ground conditions in the area where these are intended to be used consist primarily of volcanic rock or solid ice. SafetyTech Outrigger Pads have unbreakable strength, industrial grade safety texturing, and deliver reliable performance in demanding and unpredictable environments, making them perfect for USAP’s needs,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA.

“In addition to standard SafetyTech Outrigger Pads like those purchased by USAP, we frequently design custom load distribution solutions for unique applications,” continued Koberg. “Whether it’s custom designed crawler mats, FiberMax Crane Pads, SafetyTech Pads, ProStack® Cribbing, custom jack pads or foundation shoring, DICA’s engineered stabilizer products are widely used by all five branches of the US armed forces, NASA, nuclear facilities, and electric utility, crane, mining and drilling operations.”