Discover Mabery Contracting’s personal approach to homebuilding

Based in the Texas Hill Country, premier luxury homebuilder Mabery Contracting LLC (Mabery), has established itself as a pinnacle of excellence in the industry. With its roots in Fredericksburg, Mabery has built an impeccable reputation over the past three decades for crafting exceptional, high-end homes. While the company’s expertise shines in Fredericksburg, it has also extended its reach to encompass the vibrant cities of Austin and San Antonio. As Mabery celebrates its 25th anniversary (30 years in construction and 25 years owner operated), the company’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unparalleled customer satisfaction continues to set it apart as a leader in the luxury homebuilding market. Kody Dale, Project Manager, explains the factors that make Mabery a unique contractor within the homebuilding sector. 

“While we take pride in constructing beautiful homes, we believe that others possess the same capability. What truly distinguishes our process is the constant involvement of our owner, Matthew Mabery, in every step of the journey. Matthew is present at the job sites every single day, and he also resides in the areas where we construct our homes. This unique approach highlights our deep commitment and unwavering confidence in the work we do. Moreover, Matthew’s personal investment is evident as he lives in a home he custom built, and he doesn’t live there just as a builder, but also as a neighbor and a friend. Consequently, our clients are more than mere collaborators; we nurture meaningful relationships with them,” he begins. 

“Another factor that makes us unique is our ability to deliver precisely what the client desires. We possess extensive knowledge and expertise of specific products and custom home construction, that others don’t. This enables us to assist clients in comprehending and visualizing their design, providing resources that those with less experience cannot offer,” adds Matthew Mabery. 

Innovation in construction 

Matthew goes on to shed some light on the innovation process that is behind the construction of Mabery’s homes. “In terms of innovation, we benefit from a vast network of sources and vendors who regularly provide us with pamphlets and flyers, enabling us to stay up to date with trends. Thanks to our strong reputation for building high-end custom homes, we attract vendors interested in showcasing their latest, most innovative products and construction methods. Thus, I would say that our reputation and the volume of business we handle enables us to stay informed about available innovations. We can incorporate those cutting-edge products and methods into our work,” he explains. 

Kody states that Matthew usually sends him to builder shows. “We have the chance to interact with numerous vendors. These events attract people showcasing their latest products, allowing us to engage in conversations about upcoming market trends and what’s in the pipeline. We inquire about their newest developments, positioning us on the leading edge of industry advancements, which is a valuable advantage for us.” 

Its advantageous connections enable Mabery to undertake sizeable projects, one of which Kody and Matthew discuss in greater detail. “We’re currently undertaking our most distinctive project, which is set to become the largest house in the area once complete. It incorporates geothermal radiant heating, an innovation seldom seen in Central Texas and virtually unheard of in our region. It’s a challenging endeavor, but also an incredibly rewarding one as it has opened doors for us to expand our skills and collaborate with new contractors,” affirms Kody. 

“This project has expanded our vision, knowledge, and experience. It introduced us to geothermal processes and radiant tubing, which we hadn’t worked with before. The house is enormous, at 23,500 square feet of covered space, nearly three times the size of our typical homes. Furthermore, collaborating with clients with substantial resources allows us to execute innovative and extravagant features, which is always exciting. Our client for that project previously built a similar home in Aspen, Colorado, which took ten years to complete. We’ve committed to complete it in less than two, and I’m confident that we’ll achieve that. It’s very rewarding to be able to exceed people’s expectations, especially when they have had poor experiences with their projects in the past. So, when we work with such clients, they appreciate our efficiency and teamwork. Our current client is pleasantly surprised by our efficiency. We foster strong connections with his team members, encouraging open dialog to achieve our shared objectives. Our approach is all about integration and cohesive teamwork,” Matthew highlights. 

Future vision 

He then goes on to describe his vision for the long-term future of the company. “Over the past three years, my focus hasn’t been on growth, but on increased efficiency and I think we have succeeded in this area, which, in turn, has driven profitability through better time management. Thus, our goal is to continually enhance our processes, keeping up with technology and implementing cutting-edge systems. We also constantly look for new team members who can contribute to these goals. Youth is important, and we do not hire solely based on experience, as we have knowledgeable team members who can mentor and train. We want people around us who value quality, since a home is one of the most significant investments in people’s lives. Building a home is often perceived as a dreadful experience and we aim to change that for the better,” ends Matthew. 

Through decades of experience and constant innovation, Mabery surpasses all expectations in crafting high-end custom homes. The company’s commitment to client satisfaction and team efficiency drives it towards future excellence.