Critical improvements

ighway 19 is a 12-kilometre, two-lane, high-volume, high-load corridor connecting Highway 60 and Highway 2. Przemyslaw Skiba, VPGM of Northern Alberta says that the project will have a huge impact on the safety of the motorists who use the road every day.

Lafarge will supply 375 m3 of ready mix concrete, 66,000 tonnes of asphalt and 300,000 tonnes of aggregates. Alberta Transportation awarded the contract to Lafarge in early 2021, triggering the construction of 3.5 km of four new lanes of highway, two new traffic signals and illumination at the Highway 19 and Highway 60 intersections. It also includes 1.5 km of widening on Highway 60, and one bridge culvert extension and one bridge culvert rehab.