Dig deep

They will build their tunnelling machine and test it against competitors to get the top spot. They got shortlisted into 12 teams out of nearly 400 applicants, making them top three per cent worldwide.

The main competition’s evaluation aspect is on how fast other team’s boring machines could dig tunnels. Currently, Tunnel Boring machines speed is 14x times slower than garden snail and cost from $100 million to $1 billion per mile. The team will be competing against other top universities (MIT, TUM, ETH Zurich etc.) and industry tunnelling professionals.

Sanzhar Taizhan, Founder and Co-Project Lead at Warwick Boring comments: “We have spent hundreds of hours designing and engineering the product. The experience competing at extremely fast-pace competition and technical-orientated is invaluable. However, there is no time to rest, and we need to keep working hard on building the first prototype and do well in the summer. Our team are very talented and the University of Warwick is strongly helping us to achieve our goals.”