WSB and Bentley Systems offer new digital construction management service based on Synchro

Through a combination of industry-leading software, expertise, and innovation, Bentley and WSB’s digital construction management initiative is helping to shape the way infrastructure projects are delivered. WSB has launched a new digital construction management solution and advisory service, based on Bentley’s Synchro to help the civil infrastructure market overcome challenges of adopting model-based digital workflows. WSB is the first firm to join the Bentley Digital Integrator Program for construction to provide programmatic go-to-market support and knowledge transfer to eligible engineering and project delivery firms, and system integrators that curate digital twins for their clients’ assets.

Construction work is too often based on 2D-drawings, spreadsheets, and document-based workflows that result in errors, waste, and rework. “Owners and construction firms have realized that new digital workflows are needed to meet infrastructure demands. Applying these digital workflows successfully requires a deep understanding of technology, processes, and data,” says Carsten Gerke, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with Bentley Systems. “The Bentley Digital Integrator Program is built around combining technology with subject matter expertise for improved infrastructure. WSB joining the program provides a leapfrog opportunity for all our transportation users.”

Key services include enabling a single access point that connects project, contract, and document management to the future of the design, a 3D/4D/5D constructable model, as well as the ability to create the models from current 2D plan sets. This initiative is committed to putting the industry-leading model-based construction management tool in the hands of those who build the work. Together, Bentley and WSB are meeting the market where it is and providing the tools, training, education, and support required to make the digital leap. “Owners and construction firms have realized that new digital workflows are needed to meet infrastructure demands, but they often face issues when determining how best to adopt technology,” said Rich Humphrey, Vice President of Construction with Bentley. “In civil infrastructure, they also face unique challenges related to the nature of the design information they receive, and the spatial logistics involved. Bentley with WSB is the perfect combination to enable project teams to resolve adoption hurdles and ensure that technology results in a step function improvement in the way projects are delivered from design through construction execution,” he concludes.