Aurigo Software upgrade democratizes community feedback process

The latest software version of Engage will improve communications between the public and local institutions regarding project management

The Latest Software Version of Engage Will Revolutionize Public and Local Institution Communication in Project Management

Aurigo Software has rolled out significant updates to Aurigo Engage, an AI-driven community engagement platform that offers public agency officials invaluable feedback on their projects. This updated version enables professionals in communications, planning, and project management to effortlessly sign up and dive right into the software thanks to a seamless onboarding experience.

Why Public Feedback Is More Crucial Than Ever

Gathering input is essential for numerous projects in public works, education, and healthcare. This ensures active community involvement in the design and implementation phases. Each year, countless initiatives nationwide undergo this process. Traditionally, surveys, web forms, and both in-person and virtual town halls have been the go-to methods for collecting this information.

AI: The Game-Changer in Community Outreach

“Digitizing the community involvement process invites more people to have a say in the issues that matter to them,” stated Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO and Founder of Aurigo Software. “Our software leverages AI, making it a breeze for officials to get a read on public sentiment throughout their community and quickly incorporate that feedback into ongoing projects.”

Engage serves as a public involvement platform that empowers local governments, transportation departments, metro planning organizations, and other agencies to post forthcoming projects and programs online.

The public can easily connect to this platform via social media and offer immediate feedback. Thanks to sentiment analysis and emotion AI, Engage sorts, ranks, and presents this data, enabling agencies to react appropriately. The platform boasts an interactive, map-based public comment portal, promotional tools, and real-time dashboards and reporting.

New Goals on Leveling Up

Since Engage’s 2022 launch, Aurigo has integrated several enhancements based on user feedback. The newest version now includes a 30-day trial feature. Users are guided through an automated setup process to kickstart their first public campaign. The platform also supports multiple languages, including French and Spanish.

Moreover, Engage complements a range of Aurigo products and has gained momentum due to increased public funding following the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November 2021.

Aurigo caters to a diverse clientele across the U.S. and Canada, including transportation departments in Nevada, Utah, and Massachusetts, as well as cities like Houston, Las Vegas, and Seattle.