NexTraq offers a range of products that help fleet managers turn raw information into actionable solutions.
By Tim O’Connor

Back when telematics provider NexTraq was founded in 2000, data was a lot simpler. Most customers only wanted to know where to find their truck or piece of construction equipment. But in the nearly two decades since the new millennium began, the prevalence of data and the sensors needed to capture that information have fundamentally changed expectations.

Today, everyone has a mobile device – sometimes several – and companies are clamoring to use the information generated by the connected world to discover ways to become increasingly efficient. Fleet managers not only want to know where their trucks are, but they want to dispatch optimized routes and be alerted if drivers are skirting the rules of the road. NexTraq is continuously evolving to stay ahead of those demands by offering an increasing number of add-on services. “The solutions over the years have been tailored to the needs of the customers,” Vice President of Marketing Pankaj Sharma says.