McCarthy completes pile drive on Port of Beaumont Main Street Terminal

The terminal completion marks a commemorative moment for the construction company

McCarthy Building Companies has achieved a major milestone on the Port of Beaumont’s Main Street Terminal 1 project. The moment was commemorated on July 13th, and attended by officials from the Port of Beaumont, McCarthy employees, and trade partners.

The project’s scope included demolition of a collapsed dock structure and construction of a new state-of-the-art general cargo dock. with a roll on and roll off terminal.

The original dock collapsed in 2012, which required the business to demolish the entire dock, and remove all timber piles and collapsed concrete dock structure. The company used an unmanned hydrographic survey vessel to assist in the identification of the underwater dock debris, as well as divers and cranes.

The new dock is 1200 feet long and 130 feet wide, with a larger section in the middle measuring 152 feet wide. Its construction consists of 548 concrete piles, cast-in-place concrete caps and beams, pre-case concrete deck panels, and a concrete topping slab. The piles are 30×30 square inches and 90 feet long, with 55 piles measuring 140 feet.

High expectations

Due to the nature of existing underwater obstructions, multiple piles had to be shifted, and required probing each time. Piles were driven using a 440-ton crane and barge, D-100 diesel hammer, and a 40×40 foot floating steel template. The concrete piles provide a corrosion-resistant foundation for extended resiliency, as well as a final concrete topping slab using synthetic concrete reinforcing fibers.

The new fender system includes an energy-absorbing component to reduce loads on the dock, which will extend its useful life. McCarthy self-performed all concrete and pile installation, as well as utility installation including water and sewer.

The Main Street Terminal 1 project is the largest of the 20 projects on the Port of Beaumont’s 2022 Capital Improvement Program. McCarthy began work on the Main Street Terminal in February of 2022, with total completion scheduled for mid-2024.

Once complete, the project is expected to increase the port’s general cargo handling capacity by more than 15 percent.