Major new expansions

Ameri-Metro, Inc. an emerging infrastructure company that specializes in the development of critical domestic and international projects is expanding its global presence to include major new multi-state expansions in Europe, the Mid East, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

It will also publicly list its new infrastructure development opportunities on capital market exchanges in each new region of activity.

“This major move comes in consideration of the high demand for infrastructure projects globally, including new and retrofitting and updating existing railways, bridges and roads,” confirmed Ameri-Metro Chairman Shah Mathias.

In recent years, Ameri-Metro, Inc. has focused on becoming a global leader in the development of modern rail equipment, other transportation equipment and facilities by integrating all manner of safety protocols. In addition to its transportation infrastructure and equipment development, Ameri-Metro will be developing major commercial facilities worldwide. These include airports, arenas, civic centers and modern planned communities featuring the latest technological breakthroughs that include the instantaneous assembly of affordable, modular eco-friendly homes and commercial spaces