Light fantastic

The company is now partnering with Vyv, a USA headquartered health-tech industry leader and pioneer of antimicrobial LED technology, to bring the new lighting system to the UK. Tests conducted by independent laboratories show that Vyv’s 405nm UV free light LEDs are effective against viruses as well as bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast on surfaces.

This new lighting provides powerful benefits for construction companies who want to create a safer environment. Tests show that Vyv antimicrobial UV free light LED technology is effective against viruses as well as bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast on surfaces.

A further independent pre-publication study into 405 nm visible light demonstrated compelling results destroying SARS-CoV-2 at light levels that could be expected in an overhead lighting situation. This second study demonstrates efficacy results using ranges of light in the 400-420nm range on inactivating enveloped viruses.

Whilst UV-C solutions provide antimicrobial germicidal disinfection using light, Vyv provides uninterrupted preventative protection against microorganisms through its patented biotechnology delivered through continuous high quality visible light. Colleen Costello, Vyv CEO and co-founder said: “The implications of this are vast because unlike harmful UV-C light, Vyv’s patented technology can be used continuously and without restriction 24/7 around people, animals and plants. The recent findings of enhanced efficacy against viruses greatly expands the antimicrobial impact delivered to spaces currently protected with Vyv technology, as well as in new spaces. With our overhead LED products, Vyv is already lighting offices, schools and school buses, athletic centres, factories, and hospitals. We’re also embedding the same technology in many challenging spaces, including behind elevator buttons, inside consumer products such as humidifiers and bathroom fans, and in airplanes, trains and public buses.”