Light fantastic

Smartlabs, a pioneer in smart lighting and electrical control, has launched Nokia Smart Lighting, a suite of IoT-powered lighting and electrical control products. Built for everyone to enjoy, the first-ever Nokia Smart Lighting products are designed to make smart lighting straightforward-to-buy, easy-to-install and intuitive-to-use. Incredibly versatile and featuring universal compatibility, Nokia Smart Lighting brings consumers and the trade a solution with high-end style.

Nokia Smart Lighting products have a clean, modern aesthetic found in high-end custom solutions, yet resemble familiar wall switch and dial designs that won’t require family or guests to learn how to use them. Precision engineering delivers a high-quality product with soft-touch haptics for an elegant feel and quiet operation.

“We understand that every home is different, so we’ve created the new Nokia Smart Lighting products to complement any style of home and make smart lighting easy for everyone to enjoy. The line is designed to work with any fixture, any bulb, and wiring configuration and you can control the system by touch, voice, phone or tablet,” said Rob Lilleness, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Smartlabs. “These new products enhance one’s home with beautiful lighting whether creating a mood for a dinner party or automatically turning on the staircase lights for the morning – its lighting that improves life.”