Learn how to solve your coordination conundrums  

Anyone working in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated (AECO) segment understands that complex AECO projects demand exceptional collaboration to succeed. Unfortunately, many firms find themselves mired in endless meetings, fragmented communication, and isolated information flows. 

When teams communicate openly and data flows freely, outcomes improve across the board. But achieving this takes more than just coordination – it requires genuine collaboration.  

Understanding the difference and ensuring you are truly unlocking the transformative power of collaboration in the AECO world isn’t easy. This is why CT is working with Newforma on a webinar designed to show participants how enhanced connectivity and seamless data sharing can deliver significant benefits, including:  

  • Increase productivity by over 20% 
  • Reduce costly change orders by 30-50% 
  • Accelerate project timelines by months

Newforma’s Transforming Projects through Collaboration and Connectivity session, broadcasting on Thursday 25th April, will provide actionable takeaways to bring back to your organization, helping transform AECO projects through next-level collaboration. 

Delivered by experts with decades of in-the-trenches experience, the webinar will dive into the latest technologies and techniques for optimizing teamwork, supercharging issue resolution, facilitating knowledge sharing, and taking workflows mobile. It will reveal how adept issue and action item management can be a game-changer for a successful AECO project and explore how contemporary training methods and technologies facilitate modern learning for the AECO world.  

If you are prepared to transform the management of your construction projects, then this webinar will give you an excellent foundation on which to build.  

Don’t miss out – register here today: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7359791524750378073