Harrison Langley, CEO of MDLR Brands, is setting new standards in the housing solutions sector 

My family has always been in real estate,” begins Harrison Langley, CEO of MDLR Brands. “When I went to college, I bought my first quadruplex and my journey started from there.” Harrison’s professional journey began at the College of Charleston in South Carolina where he studied physics, real estate, and studio art. He then moved to New York to work for an investment and holding company, where he conducted market research and financial analysis to identify potential investment opportunities. 

Modern house in dooslandFrom there, he stepped into the role of investment manager for Langley Properties, a family-owned real estate company, where he played a pivotal role in many successful acquisitions and other development ventures throughout the Eastern United States. Even after stepping away from day-to-day operations, his industry insights have been a crucial factor in the company’s continued impressive growth. 

When he stepped into the role of MDLR Brands’ CEO, seasoned entrepreneur, Harrison, had already acquired a diverse skill set. With a proven track record in project management and successful acquisitions, as well as a passion for environmental issues, Harrison was the ideal fit for the company. 

“The tiny home and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) markets sprung up about five years ago,” he continues, “and I started exploring that avenue and its different possibilities. ADUs, and by that, I mean a second small dwelling on the same grounds as a regular single-family house, are in huge demand across the US. With construction costs rising exponentially, ADUs and indeed, tiny homes, are fast becoming a viable housing solution.” 

Reliability and durability 

MDLR Brands is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, eco-friendly and highly efficient composite-structural insulated panels (C-SIPs) that serve as key building components. C-SIPs are used for various structures worldwide, from small- and large-scale agriculture projects to residential roofing, CAT-5-rated structures, and commercial building shells. MDLR Brands’ service range spans the Southeastern United States, with significant projects in Chattanooga and Asheville, as well as in Marsh Harbour, where the business proudly constructs CAT 5 modular homes in The Bahamas. 

“There are several areas in and outside the US where it takes an incredibly long time to build a structure. For us, however, it can take as little as three-to-ten months to manufacture, depending on its size, and then once on site, it takes weeks instead of years to complete. As such, we’re seeing huge demand for our product in Hawaii, The Bahamas, and in the Caribbean. In terms of extreme weather, many people have had to rebuild their homes repeatedly. Hence why our hurricane-rated products are increasingly popular.  

“Our panels have proven their mettle by meeting stringent building codes worldwide for reliability and durability under various climatic conditions. Panels can be upgraded to meet a variety of strengths including withstanding debris from hurricanes. People want more secure structures, especially with the increased weather events we’re experiencing and that includes safe staging areas for those workers who must come in and deal with the aftermath,” he explains. 

“Depending on the job,” he continues, “we may just send the panels, and they will be installed by a third-party general contractor on site. We have a design team and our own engineers, so we can get a project to the point where clients acquire permitting and are then able to secure a general contractor themselves to finish the construction. Equally, we have the capability to manufacture modules, as well as ship and install them on site. This is a much more labor-intensive process and usually a higher product too.” 

Driving change 

MDLR Brands stands out as a premier manufacturer of eco-friendly housing solutions that promise significant labor and cost reductions in construction. The company is transforming the market with Boxvana™, its line of customizable prefabricated modular homes. Constructed using exclusive ® LiteSIP® panels, these homes offer sustainable design, speedy construction, energy efficiency, and customization options. MDLR Brands has also developed LiteSIP®, a high-performance composite material system that’s changing the game in modular construction. LiteSIP® offers strength, lightweight composition, and exceptional energy efficiency. 

The company is committed to sustainability. From eco-friendly materials to energy-efficient appliances, every detail is crafted to minimize environmental impact while maximizing comfort. MDLR Brands offers innovative solutions, addressing affordability, sustainability, and efficiency challenges in the housing market. Its forward-thinking approach caters to evolving trends, providing practical, sustainable options, accessible to all. “When you consider long term costs,” Harrison elaborates, “our homes are much more energy efficient and require much less maintenance than traditional construction methods, meaning they are cheaper to run over time. We even work with insurance brokers to secure lower insurance rates.” The company’s sustainable offering extends to
its internal operations. “Construction waste makes up 40 percent of landfill right now in the US. On-site construction generates considerable waste, whereas our manufacturing process is less wasteful due to the recyclability of the materials used.” 

Harrison has always been deeply committed to environmental conservation and its intersection with community development. He currently serves as the founder and manager of the local chapter of the International Waterkeeper Alliance, a global non-profit dedicated to preserving fishable, swimmable, and drinkable waterways. His dedication to this cause has garnered him the position of Chairman of the Board in Collier County, Florida. 

“My association with the Waterkeeper Alliance has given me a front-row seat to the delicate balancing act that plays out between environmental stewardship and the need for additional housing,” says Harrison. “Beyond just profitability, a critical indicator of MDLR Brands’ success will be our lasting impact to drive change and inspire others in the industry to reshape the ineffective housing market.” 

Transforming the landscape 

Alongside homes, MDLR Brands is seeing growth in the agricultural space. “For small farmers, the cost of feed has gone up tremendously,” shares Harrison. “There have also been shortages and some feed mills have run out of stock and even lost livestock as a result. As such, having an on-site secure source of feed is hugely important. We are also active in the modular agriculture space with our brand, KrispyBrands. This farming method represents a cutting-edge approach to agriculture, revolutionizing traditional farming practices by incorporating smart and adaptable techniques. At its core, modular farming involves the use of self-contained and scalable units, known as smart modular systems, to cultivate crops efficiently and sustainably.” 

From housing to agriculture, under Harrison’s visionary leadership, MDLR Brands blends affordability with sustainability and style. Its durable, eco-friendly construction practices are transforming the landscape, both locally and further afield, now and for future generations.