Bristol business fosters inclusivity in the built environment

Bristol-based company, Meeting Place, is using the built environment as a force for good by advocating for inclusivity

In a new initiative, Meeting Place is reshaping the city’s construction landscape through a commitment to inclusivity in the built environment.

Fuelled by a vision of a city where everyone can thrive, the company is pioneering transformative construction solutions. By embracing innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, the organization is breaking down barriers and ensuring that public spaces, commercial buildings, and residences are accessible to all.

In preparation for National Inclusion Week, which took place in early September, this trailblazing effort was established to revolutionize Bristol’s infrastructure, while setting a powerful example for the industry.

In a conversation with BusinessLive, Managing Director of Meeting Place, Nikki Davies, said she has seen diversity and inclusion becoming key topics of discussion over the last few years.

She added: “There’s no denying that the sector remains dominated by straight white males, apart from the baby steps we’ve taken with maybe more women at the table, it’s straight white men.

“I think only about 15 percent of this sector is made up of women and just two percent of those are on site. BAME and disabled employees make up six percent of the workforce, so clearly we have a lot of work to do.”