Concrete Sensors

Concrete Sensors takes sensor technology further by providing the construction industry with a total intuitive solution.
By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

It has been nearly 170 years since Joseph Monier invented reinforced concrete in 1849. It was 40 years later before the first concrete reinforced bridge was built and almost 50 years after that before the Hoover Dam was one of the first large concrete dams built in 1936.

Because the building material is heavy, tough and eventually forms a stone-like mass after hardening, it was only a matter of time over the course of a century that the industry would develop best practices. Today, schedules are getting shorter necessitating efficient management and aggressive quality control.

“Challenging the status quo can be a start-up’s biggest challenge,” says Brendan Dowdall, founder and CEO of Concrete Sensors. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company manufactures durable, wireless sensors for the construction industry that send strength, temperature and relative humidity data in real-time to general contractors.