Cintec North America innovation helps with reinforcement effort on lighthouse staircase

The business’ stabilization technique includes an installation of Cintec cementitious grout anchors

The Morris Island lighthouse was saved by the cementitious grout anchors of Cintec North America following the stabilization of the material’s installation. The lighthouse was able to continue to guide those looking to moor along the South Carolina coast.

The lighthouse was opened in 1876 and decommissioned in 1962. The structure, which stands at 161 feet, was placed on the national register of historic places in 1982. After the decommissioning, the circular staircase was showing advanced deterioration due to the salt air environment. There was great fear the staircase would collapse. 

The stabilization on the staircase included the installation of Cintec cementitious grout anchors. These were tied to the inner and outer walls of the lighthouse. A beam was then connected to the anchors, with the staircase locked to the beam for added support.

Cintec America, part of the business which has worked on projects around the world including the Egyptian pyramids, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Statue of Liberty, the Library of Parliament in Canada and the White House complex, provided the anchor system to support the staircase. ICC Commonwealth, based in Buffalo, NY was responsible for the engineering and installation.

The principal activity of the company is the design and manufacture of the Cintec reinforcing and anchoring systems, a micro cement anchoring and reinforcing technique. The company offers complete structural analysis and design services, turnkey solutions, as well as masonry repair and reinforcement anchors used for blast protection, seismic reinforcement, historic preservation, and overall building strengthening.