A new venture from Carbon Title to decarbonize construction

The project will serve as a catalyst to zero emissions, motivating top contractors to adopt eco-friendly approaches

Carbon poses both a significant threat and a promising opportunity for contractors today. Companies that embrace lower-carbon strategies stand to gain a substantial competitive advantage, while those who are reluctant risk being left behind. Carbon Title, the company dedicated to decarbonizing every building, announced it has joined the Procore App Marketplace.

Procore Technologies Inc. is a leading global provider of construction management software and started the Procore App Marketplace in 2016 as an online hub for third-party integrations and applications to support the growing construction ecosystem.

The integration will help normalize green building practices across projects and make it easier to amplify their successes, enabling lower-carbon contractors to highlight their competitive advantage in an increasingly climate-conscious market.

“Our integration into the Procore platform represents a major breakthrough towards weaving carbon reduction into the very DNA of construction management,” said Miles Haladay, Co-founder of Carbon Title. “By providing radical transparency of carbon emissions across projects, we are ushering in a new era of sustainable construction, where the construction of our homes, hospitals and other structures no longer comes at the expense of our environment.”

The built environment contributes to 40 percent of annual global carbon emissions. What’s more, the industry is on a trajectory that falls short of achieving the objectives outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement. To mitigate the risk of catastrophic climate change, the integration of Carbon Title into the Procore platform presents a timely solution.

Contractors, developers, and property owners can now access robust tools to estimate, manage and communicate the carbon impact of their building portfolios. Carbon Title Explorer, a map of estimated carbon emissions of nearly every building in the US provides visibility, raising awareness among the broader public.

“We’re inspired by Carbon Title’s transformative work to normalize green buildings at scale,” said Kris Lengieza, VP of Global Partnerships and Alliances at Procore. “Together we’re working to make carbon reduction a standard practice across all building projects. This collaboration represents a significant stride towards a lower carbon future, with tangible benefits for both the industry and our planet.”