Built on the Rock Industries

Built On The Rock Industries uses faith to guide its dedication to quality.
By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor at Knighthouse Media

The longer people work in a job or industry, the more they get set in their ways. This can be bad, in an old-dog-new-tricks sort of way, but if a person values quality work, that only strengthens as he or she grows in the industry. With quality as a value, a strong reputation builds, and a person will settle for nothing less than the highest standards.

This is the case of J. Raunel Tejeda, founder and owner of Built On The Rock Industries in Round Rock, Texas. Tejeda spent most of his early career in construction, working with a general contractor for several years. Eventually he started working with a drywall contractor, but after a year, he got a call from another contractor who was offering more money. Tejeda took the offer, but his quality values didn’t jibe with that operation.

“Things went sideways with him because they weren’t offering quality work,” he says. “I started looking for other offers.”