Autodesk Construction Cloud’s Game-Changing Product Releases

At Autodesk, the commitment to continually enhance construction management solutions drives innovation to empower teams for exceptional results. This month, Autodesk unveils over 45 groundbreaking product releases across the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, featuring significant updates to Autodesk Build and Autodesk BIM Collaborate. Let’s explore the key features and enhancements poised to revolutionize construction workflows.

Admin Console

Gain unparalleled visibility into project activities with the Activity Log feature, providing a comprehensive audit trail of all actions within the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform. Simultaneously, account administrators can leverage advanced add improvements to execute bulk actions during member invitation workflows, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in managing project permissions and access.

Send File Versions

Experience enhanced collaboration as markups retain visibility across file versions, ensuring seamless communication and clarity throughout project iterations. Teams gain greater control over file sharing by enabling the selection and sharing of specific file versions directly from the file viewer, enhancing collaboration and communication.

Dashboards: Additional Partner Cards

Unlock new insights and capabilities with additional partner cards within Insight dashboards, including Trusstor and Bluerithm, harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making to drive project success and innovation.

Data Connector: Microsoft Fabric Support & Power BI Template Updates

Seamlessly integrate Autodesk Construction Cloud with Microsoft Fabric, enabling effortless data extraction and aggregation for enhanced project insights and collaboration. Stay ahead with updated Power BI templates, featuring new Meeting Minute templates and enhancements to existing templates for improved project analytics and reporting capabilities.

Files: Autodesk Docs and AutoCAD Integrations & Publish to Specifications

Maximize collaboration between Autodesk Docs and AutoCAD with powerful integrations, facilitating seamless document management processes and ensuring version control across projects. Leverage the power of Autodesk Docs and Build to publish PDF files directly into the Specifications tool, enabling efficient document management and distribution for enhanced project coordination and delivery.

Library: Parameters in EMEA & Importing Form Templates

Access the Parameters library on EMEA-based servers, enabling enhanced control and standardization of Revit parameters across projects. Simplify form management with the ability to directly import form templates at the project level, facilitating widespread adoption and standardization of forms across projects.

Markups: Mobile Toolbar Improvements

Enhance markup editing workflows with a new quick action menu on the Markups toolbar, providing streamlined access to duplicate/copy functionalities for increased efficiency and productivity on mobile devices.

Project Sync Indications 

Stay informed about project synchronization status with new sync indicators in the Autodesk Construction Cloud mobile app.

Cross Project Issue Summary Report

Gain valuable insights into project-wide issues with the ability to generate cross-project issue summary reports. Simplify report management with the ability to save reports directly into the Files tool within a designated folder.

Reviews: Enable Initiators to Edit Candidates

Enhance flexibility in the review process by enabling review initiators to edit step reviewers during review creation and execution.

Specification Tool

Manage specification documents seamlessly with the Specification tool in Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs.

Send Transmittal Notification to Senders

Strengthen project audit trails with the ability to send transmittal notifications to senders. Improve visibility into transmittal communications with enhanced sender and recipient company information.

Model Viewer 

Visualize and navigate larger 3D models with ease using the enhanced Model Viewer feature in the Autodesk Construction Cloud mobile app.

The latest updates to Autodesk Construction Cloud represent a significant milestone in the commitment to empowering construction professionals with innovative tools and capabilities. From enhanced collaboration features to streamlined project management workflows, these updates unlock efficiency and drive success across construction projects of all sizes and complexities. Embrace the future of construction management with Autodesk and unlock new possibilities for your projects today.