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AlphaAlpha Construction has a strong reputation among customers and subs.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

After only 16 years, Alpha Construction has established itself as a contractor that loyal clients turn to time and time again. “Ninety percent of our work is repeat business or business that came with specific recommendation,” President and CEO Brad Grose says. “We have some very fantastic clients that we’ve done a lot of repeat business with.”

This loyalty allows the company to forgo typical marketing efforts. In addition, “Almost all of our work is negotiated,” he says. “We’ve been lucky to be able to grow with our clients and we’ve done that through our people.”Alpha info box

Based in Winesburg, Ohio, Alpha specializes in hotel, apartment and senior housing construction projects. Grose notes that two brothers started Alpha in 2002 as a one-crew framing company before it became a contractor that specialized in multiple trades.

Today, Alpha is willing to go anywhere for the right opportunity, and currently builds in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. “We don’t necessarily [look to travel] significantly far away, but if our client takes us there, we’ll go there,” he says.

Alpha’s recent work includes a $19 million senior housing project that spans 135,000 square feet in Summit County, Ohio, as well as an 82-room Comfort Suites location in Grove City, Ohio. Covering approximately 56,000 square feet, it is made from insulated concrete form (ICF) construction.

Grose notes that the company’s experience with ICF makes it ideal for projects like a hotel. “It’s extremely energy efficient,” he says. “It’s not something that a ton of general contractors are out there doing, and we are very experienced at it.”

He adds that Alpha has many satisfied clients in the hotel industry. “We are now recommended by multiple brands of hotels,” he says. “If a new owner doesn’t have a contractor when they buy a franchise, we’re one of the ones they recommend.”

The company also has a large portfolio of senior living work. “We have done a multitude of [projects] that are more than 90,000 square feet,” he says, noting that it has completed $70 million worth of these developments for a single client. 

Great Connections

Alpha maintains strong relationships with its subcontractors. “We have access, by location, to significant numbers of people that are willing to travel with us, know our processes and that trust that we have their best interests in mind,” Grose says.

A large portion of Alpha’s subs and suppliers, he notes, have been used on multiple projects over the years. “So we have great personal connections — not just business — with our subs and suppliers,” he says.

Business Boom

Now is a good time for Alpha to be in business. “The hospitality industry is growing right now,” Grose says, noting that many hotels are moving to modern designs, while some companies are rebranding. “There are new designs and revisions to their prototypes right now.”

The senior living market also is seeing an upswing. “They’re continuing to get more and more amenities to feel like home,” he says, noting that developments are adding features such as pubs, movie theaters and high-end finishes.

This bodes well for Alpha, which plans to enjoy significant growth in the coming years. Currently, Grose says, the company has $50 million worth of projects in its backlog. “It’s exciting,” he says.

The company also has aggressive clients who want to build their jobs quickly and have chosen Alpha as their preferred contractor. For example, “We have some senior housing clients who want to build multiple [projects] per year,” he says, noting that some of these projects have budgets that exceed $10 million.

Alpha also has a hotel client that wants to build three new locations next year. “I think we have a great opportunity for significant growth,” he says.

But as the company expands, it plans to do it as controlled growth. “We want to have controlled growth, which is something we can sustain and manage,” he says.

Instead of taking on every job it can, “I’d rather pass on things than take it and not perform in the way that we feel is the best representation of us,” he explains. “If we take it, we’re definitely confident in the fact that we’ll be able to produce in a positive way, and we’ll continue to grow from there.”

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