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McCormick ConstructionMcCormick Construction will bring more housing to Burbank, Calif., next year with the completion of Talaria at Burbank.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

McCormick Construction is the general contractor for the development of Talaria at Burbank, a premium residential rental community located in the heart of Burbank, Calif. “It is right in the middle of the Media District so since much of the workforce commutes into Burbank, it has gotten a lot of visibility and interest,” President and CEO Mike McCormick says.

Set to open in the first quarter 2018, McCormick Construction says Talaria at Burbank’s future residents will likely consist of people who currently commute into Burbank for work. The Burbank Studios, iHeart Media and Warner Bros. Studios are all a stone’s throw from Talaria at Burbank. The community is also a short distance from The Walt Disney Co. and Universal Studios.

McCormick Construction is a Burbank-based construction and consulting company with more than 100 years of experience in the industry. “We were founded in 1914 and my brother, Steve, and I are the fourth-generation to run the business,” McCormick says. “I think the biggest differentiator for us is that we are a high-touch builder. It’s all about the client relationship and responsiveness.”

The company prides itself on delivering quality workmanship while contributing to the well-being of the community through public service, job creation and economic growth. McCormick Construction specializes in general contracting, handling pre-construction, assisting with construction management and working through a design-build paradigm for its clients in the public and private sector. 

Talaria at Burbank

Talaria at Burbank sits on four acres, which Project Manager Floyd Jenner explains is virtually unheard of for an infill project. “Cusumano Real Estate Group acquired several parcels: single-family homes, apartment and commercial buildings, and even a city street to make up the four acres,” he adds. “Demolition began in October 2015 and we had to clear out all of the buildings and then excavate three levels below grade. We exported 120,000 yards of soil for the construction of the parking structure.”

Before construction began, McCormick partnered with British Columbia-based CadMakers to create a comprehensive 3-D model of the building with 4-D simulation. “We were able to look out ahead and reduce project challenges because of CadMakers’ deluxe model,” Jenner says. “We were able to check ceiling heights, wall thickness, pipe locations and more. Realizing these types of conflicts at an early stage helped the project avoid potential cost and schedule impacts.” McCormick Construction box

The five-story mixed-use building will feature 241 luxury apartments and a 48,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market as its exclusive retailer. Talaria at Burbank will also offer two sublevels of parking. Stucco was used on the exterior skin of the building, while Cumaru wood from Brazil and South Africa was used on several elevations of the building. Cumaru is a sustainable material that provides great weather resistance and was an integral part of the overall design of the building. 

Oversized windows and glass doors were used throughout the building. Each unit has two private patio doors that allow a significant amount of natural light and lead out to a spacious deck, “The Whole Foods elevation is a curtain wall glass system that provides for the natural flow of light into the market space. ” Vice President of Operations Don Shipley says. “All of the exterior windows and doors were custom-made due to the acoustical and green building requirements, and were fabricated in Czechoslovakia.”

Rich in Amenities

Talaria at Burbank features two rooftop penthouse units in excess of 3,000 square feet. Each penthouse features three fireplaces, a hot tub on the roof deck, walk-in showers, large kitchens and state-of-the-art appliances, lighting control and motorized shades.

The remaining 239 units are one- to three-bedroom apartments that range in size from 935 to 1,700 square feet. “We have high-end windows and doors because of the acoustical value owner, Cusumano Real Estate, requested. Additionally, the units have fireplaces, recessed lighting, a high-end appliance package, carpet and vinyl plank flooring, as well as ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom,” Jenner says. “Full size laundry is also available in each unit.”

Talaria at Burbank offers elegance throughout with amenities tenants are looking for in a multi-family community. Amenities will include a common open space with fire features, seating and cabanas, a lap and recreational pool, private lounge and a multipurpose space that will feature a coffee bar, seating and conversation area, billiard tables, big screen televisions, USB docking stations and Wi-Fi throughout.

The building will include a full private fitness club, business center, salon, spa facilities, theater room, cigar lounge, bike storage and repair center, ATM, dry cleaning, dog park and grooming area, and wine storage facility. Furthermore, Whole Foods Market offers residents an endless selection of products, as well as a pub, pizza lounge, cheese and wine bar, and coffee bar.

Seeking LEED Gold certification, Talaria at Burbank will feature solar power, solar water heating and water conservation. The community will offer charging stations for hybrid/electric cars and is bike and pedestrian friendly.

Safe and Efficient

McCormick Construction maintains a broad base of subcontractors. “We draw from a list of qualified subs we do business with who are selected based on the project and whether they can provide adequate labor, maintain their budgets and deliver on schedule,” McCormick says.

“The biggest challenges in the industry today are cost escalation and labor shortage. We battle that every day and it is a matter of due diligence and execution to overcome those obstacles,” McCormick explains. “The key right now is to buy out jobs as quickly as possible to avoid cost escalation and vet the subs to validate their ability to provide ample manpower and perform per our schedule. That’s critically important. We are more hyper-focused on those things than we would otherwise have to be.”

The subcontractors on Talaria at Burbank specialize in multifamily projects. “With our broad range of subs, we try to put as much information in the market as possible to get the most qualified bids,” Jenner explains. “We reach out to them and make sure they can perform the job at the quality we want and stay on task with schedules and buyout procedures.”

McCormick Construction puts safety first on every project. “We have a safety program in place and it is managed proficiently.  The project team performs weekly safety inspections and holds weekly safety meetings. Subcontractor safety meetings are conducted on a weekly basis, as well as safety walks and meetings with the client,” McCormick says.

Ready for the Future

Even with more than 100 years of experience, McCormick Construction is always ready to learn more on every project it completes. As projects continue to become more complex, the company believes coordination among all parties will remain vital. “We need to spend as much time as we can coordinating up front to allow the construction procedure to be smoother,” McCormick says. “Modeling has been a tremendous asset.”

McCormick Construction uses BIM for all its projects. “The construction modeling process shed light on some potential challenges for Talaria at Burbank that enabled us to mitigate cost and schedule impacts,” McCormick says. “We are experiencing this on other projects, as well.”

Moving forward, McCormick Construction will continue to perform work on projects that fit into its repertoire. For example, the company has a few multifamily projects in the works in Los Angeles and Canoga Park, ground-up creative office spaces in Santa Monica and Hollywood, as well as an entertainment studio.

“McCormick Construction believes in professionalism at every point of contact with our clients, with their projects and within the industry we represent,” the company says. “Then, now and always, the McCormick commitment to honesty and excellence remains the foundation of our business and our legacy.”

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