Numerous steel contractors saw their business dwindle when the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, and there was little chance for a fast recovery because of the specialized nature of this industry. But that wasn’t the case for Tampa Tank Inc. and Florida Structural Steel (TTI/FSS), which diversified its capabilities and its geographic reach long before the recession took a grip on the construction industry.

The story of The Rockwell Group starts with a man who many called larger than life – Don Morse. Morse, who passed away in December 2011, founded many companies under the Morse umbrella, starting out with an electrical business in the late 1960s, which was founded by his father in 1944. By the time he passed the business to his wife and children last year, The Morse Group covered a wide array of construction facets, from electrical systems with Morse Electric Inc. to Eco-Energy LLC, which provides sustainable resources and ideas. The group also includes ASA, a hardware and software systems integrator capable of providing entire turnkey project solutions and The Rockwell Group, which provides industrial drywall solutions.

IVM Construction Inc. has built client relationships with a focus on timely service, quality, consistency and safety to stand out in the rapidly growing Bakken Shale oil and gas market.

An arrangement that started as a partnership between a St. John’s, Newfoundland-based structural engineering company and a large North American multidisciplinary engineer on a single project has evolved into a permanent union.

Since it was formed in 2000, Empyrean Services has provided skilled and experienced engineering, management and technical consulting services to the nuclear industry in the United States and Canada. As the nuclear industry has seen a resurgence of activity in recent years, Empyrean has provided clients with assistance in everything from design and construction to startup, operation and decommissioning.

‘Slow and steady wins the race” is not the motto of Dakota Transload, but it nicely describes how the company operates. It started with one client and has built its business “from the ground up,” according to co-founder and Vice President Josh Boyko. By slowly expanding its services and capabilities when it has the manpower to support its goals, Dakota Transload has seen steady growth in the oilfield market. As it continues to build relationships and add to its capabilities, the company expects its steady expansion to continue.

A fixture in many European factories and warehouse facilities is beginning to make its mark in the United States. Denmark-based Teqton Inc. expanded its operations  in 2009 when European company Siemens Energy, a long standing client, required a joint-less flooring system in the wind turbine facility in their Hutchinson, Kan., plant, says Gunnar Sigurdsson, president of Teqton’s U.S. operations.

Plastic explosives, hurricane-force winds, fire and extreme projectiles are just some of the abuse the team at APEX Block Corp. has subjected their building block to prove strength and durability. APEX Block™ is a revolutionary, recycled building product proudly manufactured in the United States that is being called “The Greenest Wall System In The World.”

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