Many of the things that make the islands of the Pacific so beautiful and idyllic – the unspoiled landscape, the miles of coastline, the wide oceans that separate them – are the same things that make building on them a special challenge. Jerry Kramer knows this all too well. As president and CEO of Pacific International Inc. (PII), Kramer has been working in the construction industry on many of these islands for decades. Fortunately for PII and its customers, the company has adapted itself to live up to the challenge of the environment.

Quality and safety are the top two priorities for Colombia-based Ordocol, a company that specializes in heavy equipment sales and rentals, as well as specialized transportation solutions. With these two goals in mind, Ordocol has participated in large-scale petroleum and mining projects during the past 15 years with international firms that include British Petroleum, Swiss-based Glencore and Colombia’s own Ecopetrol. These major contracts have helped Ordocol become Bogotá’s biggest heavy equipment dealer.

This year, Mared Mechanical Contractors Corp. is celebrating its 35th year in business. The mechanical contractor’s reputation in Milwaukee has remained strong through work with clients like Froedtert Hospital and Thomson Reuters. Hank Brancaccio, Mared’s current president, is in charge of making sure Mared’s credibility continues for the next 35 years and counting. It’s no easy feat during a lagging construction market, but with a few recent changes and additions, the company continues to work on a variety of projects.

A diverse and high-quality product line for a multitude of clients matched with its own widespread distribution network sets Century Eslon apart from other manufacturers of plastic construction and industrial packaging products in the Caribbean, Managing Director Mark Lankester says. The company was founded in 1965 as a joint venture between Mitsui and Sekisui of Japan and L.J. Williams Ltd., a major trading company in Trinidad.

Often during construction projects, the architect is the one who speaks for the owner and works with the building contractor to achieve the owner’s goals for the project. However, there are times when it is difficult for the architect and contractor to see eye to eye, leading to difficulties for the project and the owner. 

Looking at Schwob Building Co. Ltd., one has to ask if there is anything the company doesn’t do – or at least is not willing to try. “The goal is to keep as effectively diversified in the marketplace as we can,” says Andy Erickson, vice president and partner. “We try to look at the crystal ball and make a determination on where we think the economy is going to be and where the dollars and demand will be two years out. But for as many markets we have successfully established, we have had equally as many fail. It’s a calculated trial-and-error process.”

It is little wonder that G.A. West & Company has increased its sales volume from $10 million to $160 million in just 10 years. The industrial construction fabrication firm provides a wide range of services including structural steel fabrication and erection, as well as mechanical and electrical systems installation and maintenance. 

Conveyor belt systems have been around for nearly 100 years, invented to transport coal in the mining industry but made popular in 1913 for its use in Ford Motor Co.’s Michigan factory. Conveyors are still widely used today to move a number of products from one place in a factory to another, and although the industry doesn’t lend itself to innovation, Rapid Industries works to stand out among its competitors.

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