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For more than two decades, Spring Scaffolding has helped its customers to complete their projects in a safe and prompt fashion. The company has become a leading supplier of sidewalk pedestrian bridges and scaffolding to the construction industry in New York City and its surrounding areas.

“I joined Spring Scaffolding eight years ago,” President William Laffey says. “Our current management team took over in 2011, and we’ve continued to improve substantially over the last four years. We are reaching new heights with exceptional service and safety.”

Support Systems

Spring Scaffolding provides quality supported scaffolding, sidewalk bridges, safety netting, perimeter barricades, personnel and material hoists, debris chutes and additional products to the market. Its many services include installations, rentals, design and engineering. 

Having supplied equipment and manpower on many high profile projects, the company has shown that it can provide a safe work environment for clients, employees and the general public. Its ability to devise intelligent solutions to difficult installations while providing reliable on-time service and open communication will continue to be crucial for the company’s ongoing success.

“There is a lot of construction activity taking place now in New York City, and we have the right people and plan in place to succeed,” Laffey says. “There is always a significant need for scaffolding solutions in the city, as part of new construction, inspection or repair. Our traditional core service has been sidewalk bridges to protect the public and pipe scaffolding that allow people to work on the buildings from our scaffolds.”

Traditionally, Spring Scaffolding has worked with several different customer segments. At times the company works directly for building owners and property managers, but it mostly works through contractors, such as restoration, specialty and general contractors, as well as construction managers. 

“The majority of our direct customers are contractors, and we work as a subcontractor for them as part of their project teams,” Laffey says. “Once a contract has been confirmed, it typically takes one to two weeks to go through the process of engineering and permitting for the scaffolding solution. We can mobilize quickly, as we have materials in our yard that we can bring in and out. We communicate with property managers and building superintendents on issues such as timing and access. We install and inspect the scaffolding, and the customer makes use of the system until the work is done.”

Although the new construction market can vary based on economic factors, maintenance and inspection projects are always occurring. This means there is always a need for services from a company like Spring Scaffolding. Thanks to its longevity and experience, the company is able to stand out. 

“It is important for us to regularly invest in our equipment,” Laffey explains. “Our sidewalk bridges are made of steel and wood, and we put a premium on aesthetics. Everything is always freshly painted, with no rusty steel or uneven wood. We also carry the insurance coverage required to work on bigger projects.”

Safety is on top of Spring Scaffolding’s priorities. Keeping everyone of its own employees and its clients’ workers safe is critical to the company’s ongoing success. 

To make sure that the company remains in compliance, Spring Scaffolding’s director of safety, compliance and training holds different safety classes and works closely with people in the field. “Our safety team stays on top of all of our jobs and follows up with our crews and project managers,” Laffey says. “They are a liaison between the customers and us. Safety always comes first for the company.” 

Thinking Ahead

As Spring Scaffolding looked at ways to grow, it decided to expand its service offerings. It will be bringing on elevator and personnel hoist solutions in 2016.

“With a lot of new buildings going up that are more than 75 feet tall, elevator and hoist solutions are something our customers are looking for,” Laffey says. 

“Over the past few years, we have seen some customers having to hire hoisters in addition to utilizing our scaffolding solutions, but they were really wanting turnkey service,” he continues. “We realized the need, so we decided to move on it. We’ve purchased dual hoist systems and have our first jobs lined up for the first quarter in 2016. That is an investment that will allow us to diversify and take ourselves to the next level.”

Laffey says 2015 was a good year for Spring Scaffolding’s business, and he thinks economic indicators are pointing in positive directions for 2016 and 2017. Maintenance and inspection work will continue to take place, and new construction is occurring throughout all of the New York City boroughs. Spring Scaffolding’s goal is to make sure that it has the resources in place to handle the expected workload.

“Making sure we have enough capable manpower is our challenge,” Laffey says. 

“In a specialty industry, various skills, certifications and safety credentials are required,” Laffey adds. “We have to make sure we find, train and keep the right people. Customers need our service, but we must take on the right amount of work so our service levels stay high and our reputation stays strong.” 

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