StructureCast prides itself on its ability to provide customized solutions to its customers’ building challenges. “We’re willing to try any design or use any product,” says Brent Dezember, co-owner and president of the Bakersfield, Calif.-based precast concrete specialist. “We figure out how to get a job done based on the challenges placed in front of us.”

For the company, this has meant working in difficult conditions or changing designs while a project is underway. One example of this occurred two years ago, when StructureCast was retained to place a 20-foot-tall sound wall around turbines in a gas-fired co-generation plant under construction in San Diego County. Three months into the project, the plant’s owners changed the wall’s height to 30 feet, prompting a redesign effort on the part of the company’s design staff.

The project specifications changed further, when the wall’s height changed to 50 feet. In addition, the wall, which was initially to be placed before the turbines were installed, needed to be erected and threaded around the turbines after they were already put into place.

Dezember credits the company’s flexibility, as well as the quality of its products and overall service level, to its design and production teams. StructureCast’s design engineers, draft people and project managers oversee all of its projects “from cradle to grave,” he says. 

Product Variety

StructureCast has provided precast concrete solutions for more than 30 years. Dezember and his wife Anna purchased the company in the mid-1980s. At the time of the purchase, the company – formerly known as Bakersfield Precast – specialized in making small precast vaults such as leach pits and septic tanks. Under the Dezembers’ leadership, the company transitioned to providing a complete range of precast products. “We wanted to apply home-building techniques to the precast world,” Dezember says.

The company designs, manufactures and installs precast products including insulated wall panels and precast walls, bridges, portable modular buildings and shelters and architectural precast products. The company also provides ready-mix concrete. 

StructureCast’s customers include general contractors as well as governmental and institutional entities including the U.S. Armed Forces. Its products are used in commercial office buildings, industrial sites, parks and universities throughout California and Nevada. 

Many of the company’s customers are repeat clients. These include utility provider Southern California Edison as well as national contractors Turner Construction, Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. and McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

The company recently branched out to the residential market by offering the StoneTree concrete fence wall system. The system has a formed finish on both sides that resembles a brick wall and features columns every 15 feet. StructureCast produces and installs the walls.

StructureCast also recently added Ductal, an ultra-high performance concrete product developed by French manufacturer Lafarge. The company is the only precast company in California offering the product, Dezember notes. 

“The concrete we use for most of our products has a psi of 5,000 to 6,000 – this product is 25,000 psi, so it’s much stronger than typical concrete,” he says. Ductal is also highly malleable.

Current Projects

StructureCast’s diversification across several sectors and its addition of new product lines has allowed it to secure a backlog of projects over the next few years. “We weren’t affected much by the housing meltdown, but when the economy shrunk by 25 percent (in 2008/09), our business did too,” Dezember says. “Our business is coming back now, and we’re doing a lot more front-end design work for clients as well.”

The company’s recent projects include casting decorative concrete panels for San Diego Mesa College’s new, four-story, 85,000-square-foot student services center. The building, now under construction, will centralize student services including admissions, financial aid and student government into a single location.

StructureCast is also providing the exterior skin for the Fort Irwin Replacement Hospital in San Bernadino, Calif. Turner Construction is the construction manager, and project consists of a 216,000-square-foot hospital. StructureCast is fabricating a total of 650 decorative architectural panels.

The company in February will begin work on 12 multi-use buildings for a park in Sacramento, Calif. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District hired the company to fabricate and install buildings that will be used as park facilities including a visitors’ center, boathouse and bathrooms. 

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