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Some contractors focus on many different services, but Precast Services Inc. has achieved success by concentrating completely on precast erection. “[We] chase that scope of work to perfect it and be a leader in it,” President and CEO Bo Kusznir says. 

Based in Twinsburg, Ohio, Precast Services erects components for an array of structures, including parking garages, exterior building façades, athletic stadiums, control towers and prisons. Founders Barry L. Cooper, Charles N. Mayer and James Mirgliotta started the company in 1988.

Today, Precast Services employs approximately 90 workers who can deliver projects more efficiently than their competitors, Kusznir says. “We tend to take on the larger, more complicated projects because of that,” he says.

The firm also works heavily in the Northeast, including in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. “We also do work in the Midwest, including Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Kentucky,” he says.

“If you’re an employee of Precast Services, you’re very likely to spend some time on the road in a different state or locale,” Kusznir states. “With that said, we do make every effort to get our employees home every weekend, so they do have family time.”

Precast Services also is a partner with the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) in Chicago. “We help write manuals and teach safety classes for them,” Corporate Safety and Health Director Michael Hudgins says. “We’re probably the most active independent erector with PCI.”

Growing Its Footprints

Precast Services has grown its share of work in the New England area. “We’ve been ... steadily increasing our footprint in that market,” Kusznir says, noting that the company recently completed projects at 66 Summer Street in  Stamford, Conn., and at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, R.I.

Currently, the company is at work on a parking garage in New Haven, Conn., near Yale University. “We see the NE market as promising and look forward to working in  Massachusetts,” he says.

Meanwhile, in the southern United States, Precast Services is at work on the exterior façade for Kyle Field at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. The contractor has an approximate $3 million contract from Enterprise Precast Concrete Inc. for the project.

“We’re now working on the west elevation,” he says, adding that this will need to be completed before the football season begins. Kusznir notes that this is the company’s second  Texas project, which has had its share of challenges.

“In the last couple of years, Texas has been extremely busy [with projects],” he explains. “Because of this, trying to find available workers  has been a challenge. We have been working closely with local unions to fill this demand.”

Working Under Constraints 

Precast Services coped with limitations as it completed work on a mixed-use garage for Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J. Due to the site’s location near the Amtrak Northeast rail line and city streets, “We were landlocked,” Kusznir recalls. 

“There was very little access to the building itself,” he continues, noting that the project team assembled the main crane at the project’s basement level. “We had to pull it out with a hydraulic crane and rebuild it on the street level once we got to the base of the project.” 

The company started the project in July 2014 and finished in December. Today, it stands 11 stories with “two levels of office space at the top,” Kusznir says, adding that the company has seen a lot of mixed-use structures that combine office and retail space with a parking structure, such as Wellness Plaza in New Brunswick, N.J.; 494 Broad Street in Newark, N.J.; and Transit Village, also in New Brunswick.

Achieving Greater Heights

Kusznir predicts that Precast Services will stay on its current path of growth, but it also will be flexible. “As the economy changes and different geographical areas start to change, the company will shift,” he asserts. “The nature of our model is to be able to do that and handle those shifts as needed.

“We will continue to be a leader in structural precast garages, particularly in the Northeast,” he predicts, noting that Precast Services also will keep working in the Southwest. “We plan to expand in those markets and grow them to greater heights.”

Hudgins adds that the company will be aided in its growth by its status as one of only 30 PCI-certified precast erectors in the country. Many projects will “require that the precast erector be certified as we are,” he says. “We have quite an advantage.” 

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