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The adage “location is everything” rings true for Midstate Precast. “Being based in California’s Central Valley allows us to cover the state from a single facility,” says Dave Dieter, president of the Corcoran, Calif.-based specialty contractor, noting the company has completed projects from San Diego to the state’s northern border with Oregon. “Through our one location, we can produce at the most economical price, and in this business, price matters. With the way we’re structured, we can compete in most markets on most types of projects.”

The company designs, manufactures and installs precast concrete building solutions used on a variety of project types including commercial and institutional buildings such as schools, stadiums and correctional facilities as well as civil projects including roads and bridges. All of the precast components built by Midstate Precast are project-specific. “Everything is custom in our world,” Dieter says.

Building components are manufactured in Midstate Precast’s 30-acre facility in Corcoran and then shipped to project sites, where the company then installs them using cranes and other heavy equipment. The company’s field crews include industry certified riggers and erectors, all of whom are current in their OSHA safety training, he adds.

The company’s in-house manufacturing capabilities include carpentry, welding, form fabrication , concrete batching and rebar fabrication. The facility is certified by the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI), which Dieter also serves on the board of directors and is a fellow of the institute. 

Midstate Precast is assisted in its efforts by the work of several suppliers including HD Supply White Cap, a nationwide supplier of hardware, tools and materials to contractors. “White Cap has been a valuable partner to our business and has played an integral role in the success of multiple projects,” Dieter says.

The company also has longstanding relationships with crane suppliers as well as providers of cement and other materials. “Without our suppliers managing the quality of their product and making timely deliveries, we can’t be successful,” he adds.

Industry Innovators

Midstate Precast’s staff includes several engineers whose technical knowledge has enabled the company to introduce a number of innovations to the precast concrete industry. 

Chief among these innovations is the precast hybrid moment resistant frame, a structural system that “provides an economical method for bringing all of the cost, schedule and quality aspects of precast concrete into the lateral load-resisting elements of a building,” the company says.

Midstate Precast played a large role in the development of the system, which is used in high-seismic regions including Los Angeles and San Francisco. The company has produced precast hybrid moment resistant columns and beams for parking structures, office buildings and low- and high-rise apartment buildings in those markets, Dieter notes. 

Other innovations and developments the company is involved in include its use of high-strength (up to 8,000-psi) concrete; its work with sustainable cement replacement products such as fly ash; and its work with self-compacting and fiber-reinforced concrete technologies.

Building the Future

The company is demonstrating its versatility within the precast concrete world on a number of both private and public sector projects. These include work on the $120 million Interstate 710 Pavement Rehabilitation Project for Caltrans, which includes replacing roadways running through Los Angeles. Midstate Precast is manufacturing and installing precast paving panels that can be placed on 1,000-foot stretches of the roadway over the course of two days. For motorists, this method means the road will not be closed for long periods of time, Dieter notes.

Midstate Precast is also building two parking structures in Foster City, Calif., for Gilead Sciences, which recently opened a pharmaceutical laboratory there. The project started in January 2014 and will be completed in June 2015.  Other ongoing projects include building The King’s County AB 900 Jail Facility in Hanford, Calif. The project started in September 2014 and will be complete in Feb 2015. The  estimated construction cost is $45 million.

Recently completed projects include a 278,000-square-foot headquarters facility for California ISO, which operates the state’s high-voltage electrical transmission grid and administers California’s wholesale electrical market. Midstate Precast provided the precast hybrid moment resistant frame, columns, beams, hollow planks and insulated wall panels for the project. The general contractor was Clark Design/Build of California.

The company also provided the frame, panels, columns, beams and other precast elements for the 598,000-square-foot Paramount Farms Citrus Processing Plant in Delano, Calif. Midstate Precast’s work on the California ISO facility earned it “best office building” awards in 2011 from the PCI and the Design Build Institute of America. The awards are just two of the more than dozen accolades the company has received within the past ten years, Dieter notes. 

Dieter credits his staff with the company’s success. “We’re a people-based company that cares about its employees and development the next generation of engineers, crew members and plant employees,” he says. “I enjoy developing new talent in the industry and having them be excited about the project they are working on, as well as the future of the company.” 

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