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Centegra Health System is bringing one of the most modern healthcare facilities in the far northwestern Chicago suburbs with its new Centegra Hospital-Huntley facility in Huntley, Ill. The 360,000-square-foot, 128-bed facility will feature state-of-the-art technology with a design that fosters a patient-centered atmosphere for maximum comfort and wellness. The facility also features an architectural precast concrete exterior that gives the building a unique look. Completing a project like the precast concrete exterior of the building required a contractor with a great deal of experience in architectural precast as well as healthcare projects, and Lombard Architectural Precast Products Company (LAPPCO) certainly fit the bill. 

As Vice President Floyd Page explains, LAPPCO’s extensive experience in the healthcare sector as well as its reputation as one of the Chicago area’s leading contractors in its field made it the ideal choice for Centegra Health System and numerous other clients over the years. “We’re a custom architectural precaster in the Chicagoland area and we’ve done multiple hospital projects over the years, so our experience gives us a good fit,” Page says. 

A subsidiary of long-time Chicago-area contractor The Lombard Company, LAPPCO has been serving clients with architectural precast concrete construction for five decades. Since our beginning in the 1960s, LAPPCO has developed a reputation for producing precast concrete on-time and on-budget without compromising service or quality,” the company says. “LAPPCO’s team of engineers and precast experts are among the most highly respected in the industry. Many owners and architects consult with our precast staff in the earliest stages of planning to maximum design possibilities and cost efficiencies.”

From the Start

Being involved from the earliest stages of the project served LAPPCO well in its work on the Centegra Hospital-Huntley project, according to Page. “We were involved in the project a year before it went to fabrication, and we were invited to become a design/assist partner in the design work,” Page says. “We were on board and went through a whole design/assist procedure.”

The project was more involved than a typical architectural precast project because of the size and extent of the design work involved. “It’s a little on the high side in terms of size, so it would stand out to be one of our larger projects,” Page says. “The whole building stands out because it’s architectural precast.” 

The entire exterior wall of the building is architectural precast, and has been designed to duplicate the look of a natural limestone rock wall. Page says the most difficult aspect of the work was keeping the pattern in line to make sure it looked like natural limestone. However, LAPPCO’s heavy involvement in the early stages of the design work gave it the means to keep the work on track. 

Medical Expertise

LAPPCO has had a specialty in serving the healthcare construction sector for many years, and its work on the Centegra Hospital-Huntley project is just the latest in a long line of successful healthcare projects. One of its most recent and most prominent is the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Outpatient Care Pavilion in Chicago. The 25-story facility includes more than 600,000 square feet of outpatient service and medical office space. 

LAPPCO provided the more than 380 precast panels that make up the building’s exterior, that, like the Huntley project, duplicates a limestone appearance. The company’s work on the building totaled approximately 54,600 square feet of precast panels and 34,500 square feet of insulated sandwich wall panels. 

“Northwestern Memorial HealthCare’s new Outpatient Care Pavilion will be a state-of-the art medical facility that responds to the growing need for quality healthcare in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, and ensures that residents will have ongoing access to the best of medicine in their own neighborhood,” the company says. “The thought behind the design of this 25-story structure responds to quality of life issues that are top-of-mind for residents of one of the city’s fastest-growing communities.”

The company also brought its expertise to bear on Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. 

“This major project consisted of 1,724 separate panels produced at LAPPCO’s facilities in Alsip, Ill.,” the company says. “Due to the volume and repetition of precast panels, LAPPCO chose to use steel production molds for the majority of the panels. Approximately 75 percent of the panels were cast using 10 special steel molds, with the balance of the panels cast in conventional wood molds. The steel mold technology will greatly expedite the production process, resulting in considerable savings for the hospital.” 

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