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Teqton Inc. understands the importance of having a solid base on which to stand. As one of the leading manufacturers of seamless industrial flooring in Europe, Teqton has built up more than 35 years of experience in serving customers with innovative and low-maintenance solutions. 

In 2009, the company brought that experience with it to the United States, and President Gunnar Sigurdsson says Teqton is slowly but surely building a strong foundation for sustainable success in North America. Even though the company’s unique type of flooring product is relatively unknown in the United States, he says, contractors and building owners are starting to understand the benefit Teqton brings. “We are going over the threshold of the market accepting that product,” Sigurdsson explains. 

Teqton has been a fixture of the European construction industry for more than 35 years, installing more than 45 million square feet of flooring for clients including Ikea, Sony, DHL and Coca-Cola. The company branched out into the U.S. market at the behest of Siemens Energy, a long-time customer of Teqton that was building a wind turbine facility at its plant in Kansas. Sigurdsson says the company has had to wait a while for general contractors to warm to its products, but it already has formed long-term relationships with several key contractors that have turned to Teqton for multiple projects in the past and are expected to come back to the company in the future. 

Strong and Fast

The key to Teqton’s success in Europe and the United States has been and continues to be its core flooring products, which Sigurdsson says provide contractors and building owners with unparalleled advantages over other types of flooring systems. “The key advantages of our products are low maintenance and greater durability,” he explains. 

Although Teqton can customize its flooring to the needs of its customers, the company’s standard concrete flooring generally consists of two layers of concrete. The bottom layer, known as Teqbase, is a jointless rolled layer of concrete seven inches thick. The company’s crews install this layer using specially designed equipment that requires no forms, finishing or sealing. On top of that Teqbase layer, Teqton installs one of two toppings. 

The company’s Teqplan is installed in applications where extremely heavy loads will be present because of its capacity to withstand them without cracking. For facilities with lighter loads, Teqton typically installs its Teqtoton concrete floor, which is water- and oil-resistant and generally used as a base for carpeting or vinyl flooring. No matter which product the company installs, Teqton manufactures its flooring products on-site through the use of transportable mills and its own proprietary equipment. 

Because the flooring is manufactured on-site, Sigurdsson says, Teqton is able to install its products rapidly, which creates greater efficiencies for contractors and building owners. He says it is not unusual for the company to lay down 50,000 square feet of flooring and have it ready for contractors to walk upon within three days. “It’s an extremely fast process compared to what was known before,” Sigurdsson says. 

Training is Essential

Because the company’s products are relatively new to the United States, Sigurdsson says Teqton’s greatest challenge is finding enough qualified labor to help it keep up with the demand for its products. This has been compounded by the fact that the company continues to experience growth in the United States. Sigurdsson says the company is working on new training techniques to transfer skills and knowledge to its new employees quickly and effectively. 

The nature of Teqton’s products means the installation process requires a high level of skill and has a tremendous impact on the quality of the finished product, according to Sigurdsson. It is because of this that the company is placing increased emphasis on its training and employee development process in the coming months. 

Spreading Out

Nevertheless, Teqton is in the middle of a growth period in the United States, and Sigurdsson says the future looks bright. The company’s focus at the moment is on serving customers in the southern and northeastern regions of the country, but Sigurdsson says many of those customers have a national presence. As those customers continue to work with Teqton, more markets will open up to it. 

With the solid foundation of work it is building in the United States and the strength it has from its European heritage, Sigurdsson says Teqton expects to become a much bigger presence in the years to come. 

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