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DKD Electric recognizes the need to lessen the impact that construction, inefficient power consumption and waste have on the environment. To increase its sustainability efforts, the company has kept a strong focus on becoming a leader in the design, integration and construction of photovoltaic (PV) systems in the southwest.  

The Albuquerque, N.M.- based company was founded as a two-man operation in 1978. DKD Electric merged with Integrated Electrical Services in June 1999 for the next five years to provide additional strengths and resources to its customers. Former owner J. Dee Dennis Jr., purchased the company back with a partnership group in January 2005. In 2011, J. Dee Dennis Jr. left the company and J. Dee Dennis III assumed the position of CEO and continues to uphold the company’s vision to provide valuable services to clients. 

Today, DKD Electric is owned and operated by a management team of seven people who have a combined 61 years of experience at the company and more than 140 years in the industry. “We have seven owners who all have organizational roles,” COO Josh Brokaw explains. “When we build large-scale projects, our customers always have one of the owners either on-site or at a minimum deeply involved in the project. That’s a unique position for the company because it allows us to make decisions immediately.”

DKD Electric is experienced in the new construction and renovation of commercial and industrial facilities. As a regional leader in the electrical contracting industry, the company has completed projects in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and California. The company’s services include value engineering, design, submittal data, information on state and local codes, scheduling labor and material acquisition.

Sustainable Practices

DKD Electric has recognized its role in the quest towards sustainability and has been able to provide services to its customers in the renewable energy market. As solar innovators, DKD Electric’s team is able to design, estimate and manage all aspects of large, fast-paced solar projects. 

“We were an early adopter of solar and PV technology and soon realized that it had a compelling future as a leading renewable source of energy,” Brokaw says. “The market pushed us in this direction, but we knew it was going to be an important issue going forward.” To date, the company has installed more than 63 megawatts of PV modules in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. 

PNM, New Mexico’s largest electricity provider, partnered with DKD Electric and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PV modules to build its new Manzano Solar Energy Center in Los Lunas, N.M. The center holds 109,000 fixed, ground-mounted PV modules that are interconnected to PNM’s distribution line. The solar panels are capable of producing enough energy to power about 2,500 homes. “Throughout the project, we were able to utilize local resources to meet scheduled milestones,” the company says. “Our successes on this project were based on our knowledge of the local market and past experiences with utility scale solar installations.” 

The project was completed in October 2013 and was part of a $22.8 million investment for PNM’s plans to double the amount of solar capacity it will own. Last year, DKD Electric also installed PV modules in PNM’s Otero County Solar Energy Center in La Luz, N.M., its Deming Solar Energy Center expansion in Deming, N.M. and its Los Lunas Solar Energy expansion in Los Lunas, N.M. “After installing so many of these, we have seen tremendous efficiencies in our installation practice,” Brokaw says. 

Because of the magnitude and tight schedule of the solar projects, DKD Electric had more than 200 people working on the job sites to finish on time. “You have to get in there and get out,” Brokaw notes. “That means working overtime and weekends. Our management team was able to maximize efficiency by maintaining the appropriate manpower to complete the tasks.”

Partner in Healthcare

DKD Electric was chosen as the electrical contractor to join the design-assist team for the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center expansion project that began this summer. The team is comprised of some of the region’s most experienced companies, including general contractor McCarthy Building Companies Inc. DKD Electric has completed many successful projects with McCarthy over the years and is looking forward to working with its team.

Along with having a strong relationship with the members of the design team, DKD Electric has partnered with Presbyterian Health Services for more than 27 years to build projects around the region. “The facilities that DKD Electric and Presbyterian have built together have benefited the community and expanded our combined capabilities,” the company says. “DKD Electric is excited to be a part of the design-assist team for this project.”

The $80 million expansion project will bring cancer patient services to Presbyterian Rust Medical Center in Rio Rancho, N.M. in early 2016. The project includes building a new six-story patient tower on the northwest side of the existing facility and expanding an area of the second floor above the emergency department entrance. 

Presbyterian Rust Medical Center’s new tower will have capacity for up to 120 additional beds, including 24 orthopedic beds, 24 surgical beds, the cancer center and a physical therapy gym. The second-story will have four operating rooms and 12 to 15 preparation and recovery bays. “We are seasoned in the design-assist process and by teaming with owners, architects, engineers and general contractors, we have been able to successfully complete many large scale, complex projects,” Brokaw adds. “Our team believes that design-assist offers the most innovative, functional and cost-effective solutions for our clients.” 

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