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Tomar Construction promises a strong ethical, moral and professional environment for its employees and clients. In this way, it plans to stay distinctive in the industry and secure a sustainable future. 

President Tom Mottackal founded Tomar Construction in 1998 and at the time specialized in mechanical HVAC services. Today, the company has become a general mechanical process contractor focusing on public works mainly wastewater treatment facilities in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Examples of its work include a project with the Bergen County Utilities Authority in New Jersey in 2011 to update its wastewater treatment facility’s HVAC system. The company also replaced the entire aeration tank and bar screens to keep the plant working to full capacity. “The primary power supply was 3,200 amps and now it operates at 800 amps,” Mottackal says. “This has saved Bergen County’s electric consumption.”

The company has also performed work on pumping stations, sports venues, office buildings and hotels for various clients. Tomar Construction performs special construction projects including installing prison video visitation systems and solar projects. 

For 15 years, Michael Culnen and Surety Partners of America have worked in partnership with Mottackal as an integral part of the Tomar team, providing insurance, surety bonds, and strategic support and advisement. Recognizing Tomar’s potential and extending greater bonding capacity sooner than other companies would have, has made Culnen and his team true partners in Tomar's success.  

Smart Management

Tomar Construction has 80 employees who were hired by Mottackal personally, and only after he received a recommendation from a trusted colleague. “I want to know who is coming to me before the person comes, so I hire through references,” Mottackal says. “Normally, you can trust the person referring someone for a job and they are telling me they know the person is good. I will see a possibility in any human being that comes to me with a resume.”  

After Tomar Construction hires employees, it helps them stay knowledgeable on the latest technology by offering Saturday training sessions. Employees are also trained in on-the-job safety and reminded of those practices regularly. “We discuss crane, tool, gear and personal safety,” Mottackal says. “I review and make sure no one is slacking off from doing that. There is nothing more important and you don’t take safety lightly.”

Employees are free to focus on the job they are performing and on safety because Tomar Construction offers job security. When the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008 and employment began to drop, Mottackal says he never fired one employee. 

“One thing we have always kept to is that we decided we are not going to fire one person,” Mottackal explains. “We haven’t since the economic crisis came and in fact, we added people. I take good pride in that because that’s the only way you can contribute and put money back into the nation.” 

Good Intentions

Quality business practices are essential to maintaining positive working relationships. “What I’m trying to do is send a message to the general public that we can work anything out without having enemies,” Mottackal says. 

Tomar Construction enters each contract in good faith, but has run into issues that were solved easily through conversation – not lawyers. “I feel that I am a fair and honorable man,” he adds. “Tomar Construction will never sue.” 

The company has never filed a lawsuit nor had one filed against it and Mottackal says he plans to keep it that way. “Everyone is more concerned about liability so they are always cautious about a lawsuit,” he explains. “With us, they know we will never file a claim and in 15 years, we have proved that. We offer a stress-free environment and when people don’t have to worry about lawyers, they become friendly. The job is now the focus instead of a potential lawsuit.” 

Securing its Future

“In the long-term, America can’t be a neighbor-utilizing country,” Mottackal believes. “The only way I can see us lasting is to make something others can’t make.” His goal is to continue expanding Tomar Construction overseas while making sure the company remains distinctive in the industry so it can withstand any economic downturn. 

Tomar Construction’s Dubai facility opened in 2011 and Mottackal will open another plant this year in India, which has been in the works for two years. Mottackal is looking to expand the company in that region to perform the same work as its facility in the United States – focusing on wastewater treatment plants.  

The company will need to provide its new facility in India with the tools to complete projects, which Mottackal says will be manufactured in its New Jersey facility. “They don’t make the machines in India that we make here in the United States,” Mottackal explains. “We will make the necessary machines in America and export them to India. Let’s do what they can’t do and that will make us exclusive.”

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