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From its innovative electrical designs in metropolitan areas to solar plants in the desert, Helix Electric of Nevada LLC is powering the western portion of the United States one project at a time. 

President Victor Fuchs opened Helix Electric of Nevada in 2001. The company is a branch of Helix Electric, which was founded in San Diego in 1985. The company’s services include design/build, construction, engineering and continuous improvement of the installation and quality of electrical systems. “We cover all aspects of the market and that’s a huge advantage for us,” Fuchs says. “When the economy got bad, we could focus on areas that were doing better than others.” 

Helix Electric of Nevada performs work in Nevada, North Dakota, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. “We understand how to manage work outside of Nevada and we have people committed to other locations to perform the work,” Fuchs says.

The company’s contracted work is separated into three divisions: major projects, special-size projects and service. Major projects include solar plant, schools, airports and performing arts centers. The special-size projects division performs fast-track and build-to-suit jobs for clients that range from $300,000 to $2 million, Fuchs says. 

Helix Electric of Nevada’s service division provides service 24/7 to Las Vegas with its fleet of 35 trucks. “We service a wide variety of industries,” Fuchs says. “For example, we support everything from cold storage facilities to casinos that can’t afford being without power. We offer preventative services at numerous casinos to make sure power outages don’t happen.” 

Valuable Workforce 

Because it is the largest non-union electrical contractor in the state, Helix Electric of Nevada is an attractive option for many looking for work, Fuchs says. “We have an excellent reputation and attract a lot of applicants, but the challenge is finding the most qualified people for the job and getting them on board,” he explains.

The company actively recruits at campuses across the nation for the “best and brightest” employees, but they don’t all come with prior experience. Helix Electric of Nevada offers advanced learning courses at Helix University. Its instructors continuously develop curriculums and training materials to cultivate the skills and knowledge of Helix employees. “We have ongoing classes to educate our employees,” Fuchs adds. “Even individuals who come with prior experience have to adapt to our environment.” 

Once they are hired, Helix Electric of Nevada welcomes employees to its family. The company maintains a family atmosphere because being non-union allows Fuchs to stay close and connected with his employees, he explains. Every month, Fuchs has dinner with 10 people from the company who are randomly selected to address any concerns they may have to ensure the company is meeting their needs.

“What sets Helix apart from other organizations is our people and they are extremely committed to our mission and core values,” he adds. “Because the employees are like family, we are also very committed to safety. We want to make sure the employees’ loved ones have their people come home in the same condition they left in the morning.” 

Safety Director Lawrence Fry reviews any safety-related events on a monthly basis. “Prior to sending employees out to a job site, we require a detailed safety orientation to educate our employees,” Fuchs says. “A job site has to score a minimum of 80 percent or higher – which is very tough – or it fails and if it fails, it gets forwarded directly to me.”

Powerful Builds

Helix Electric of Nevada helps power major metropolitan buildings such as The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas’ Union Park. The 220,200-square-foot, four-theater building cost $475 million when construction began in 2009. Helix Electric of Nevada provided the lighting, power, fire alarm, security, telecommunications and audiovisual systems for this project. The Smith Center was completed in 2011. 

The company also powered the Cobalt Cheyenne Data Center in Las Vegas. The 34,000-square-foot data center was equipped with 600–watts per square foot to handle the most complex, power-hungry applications, Fuchs says. 

Downtown Las Vegas isn’t the only place drawing Helix Electric of Nevada’s attention. The company is a leading builder of solar plants in the country. “We have a major solar power plant under construction in New Mexico where we are doing all the electrical installation from structural down to the final connections,” Fuchs says. 

The Macho Springs 50-megawatt solar plant in Hatch, N.M., is expected to produce enough energy to power about 18,000 homes. The company will install more than 600,000 solar photovoltaic modules across the 500-acre site. Helix Electric of Nevada is also installing a tracker system, medium voltage cable, AC & DC wiring, inverters, combiner boxes and performing miscellaneous electrical work at the plant.

Helix Electric of Nevada is also building the 1,600–acre Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant in Tonopah, Nev., which will supply about 500–kilowatt–hours per year of clean, renewable electricity. The 110-megawatt solar energy plant is expected to power up to 75,000 homes and be completed by the end of the year. 

“We have built 600 megawatts of solar plants, which compared to anyone else in the country would probably put us among the top five solar builders in renewable energy,” Fuchs says.

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