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Parkline Inc. is proud to be a big name when it comes to small buildings. “One thing about our company that I think is very important is our brand,” Vice President Ron Dawson says. “We’ve been in the industrial building sector for many years and have a proven product. We’ve stood the test of time working with large industrial end-users and contractors to provide solutions for their small enclosures.”

The Eleanor, W.Va.-based company has manufactured and built more than 70,000 structures in its 40 years in business. Parkline’s small metal buildings have a number of applications including enclosures for pumps, motors, generators and electrical panels. They can be found at industrial sites across the country, including power plants.

Each building is a maximum 32 feet wide and 15 feet high, with lengths varying based on their purpose. The company works as both a general contractor as well as a subcontractor to customers performing larger projects such as compressor stations.

“There’s a whole lot of people selling big buildings, but not many specializing in smaller buildings exclusively,” Dawson says. “We’re not worried about competing against the big boys building the power plants, but instead we’re concerned about the small equipment enclosures in and around an industrial site.”

A Flexible Solution

Parkline manufactures its buildings in Eleanor and provides crews to install them on site. The company is also able to produce and transport modular buildings. Parkline employs several registered professional engineers and is certified to build modular units in all states that have certified modular programs.

Parkline’s buildings feature heavy-gauge steel wall and roof systems protected with a continuous hot-dip zinc coating. Walls are load-bearing, eliminating the need for foundations, columns, rafters or trusses.

“Our self-framing design maximizes floor space and load-bearing walls eliminate the need for expensive foundations,” the company says. “With no need for columns, rafters or trusses, Parkline pre-erected metal buildings are fully expandable and easily portable, not to mention attractive, durable and virtually maintenance-free. From design and manufacturing to final erection and component installation, everything is finished at Parkline.”

One of the company’s greatest strengths is its ability to adjust lengths, styles and other building specifications based on customer specifications. “We pride ourselves on being flexible,” Dawson says. “Many of our competitors will try to sell you their standard box, but Parkline tries to help you solve a problem.”

New Markets

One growing market for the company’s products is the oil and gas industry, particularly in and near the Bakken, Marcellus and Fayetteville shale plays in the north-central and eastern United States. Parkline’s buildings are used as compressor stations, storage buildings, pump buildings and meter houses, among other applications.

The growth of the oil and gas industries in the shale plays is contributing to what is already a very successful year for Parkline. “We’ve had a career first quarter in 2013 in terms of bookings, and we currently have the largest backlog we’ve ever had,” Dawson says. “The oil and gas industry is definitely on the uptick right now, and the electrical utility markets are spending a lot of money upgrading their infrastructure.”

Parkline’s current projects include providing 20 structures for a New England-based utility that is increasing its capacity and building new facilities. The company is also working with a large equipment supplier to the petrochemical industry, providing enclosures for processing equipment.

To meet its current demand, the company in 2012 sold an employee stock ownership plan to private investment firm Summit Park to raise the revenue needed for expansion. The company established the ESOP in 1997, 24 years after its founding in 1973. Parkline’s origins date back to the early 1930s, when the Parkersburg Rig and Reel Company of Parkersburg, W.Va., introduced a self-framing, interlocking panel building system. Parkline later purchased the rights to the system.

The sale of the company to Summit Park has already allowed Parkline to add new personnel and expand its manufacturing facilities for pre-assembled buildings. Expansion is a high priority of Parkline’s executive leadership team, which in addition to Dawson includes CEO Bill Ward and Vice President Harvy Roberts. “I see us expanding our geographic footprint dramatically within the next couple of years and drawing on our new capabilities to provide more modular and value-added services,” Dawson says.

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