AKI DevelopmentAKI Development focuses on bringing luxury to Queens.

By Alan Dorich

For many years, the borough of Queens, N.Y., has largely been ignored as a potential setting for luxury residential developments. But Aki Todic has worked to change that. “Astoria, Queens, [is] the best neighborhood on the East River,” he declares.

HAKSWorking on high-profile projects and mentoring up-and-coming professionals give HAKS a hand in shaping the world of tomorrow.

By Eric Slack

Founded in 1991, HAKS has grown from a two-person operation into a 650-person, full-service consulting firm thanks to an enduring commitment to excellence. Based in the heart of New York City’s financial district, the company has 15 branch offices in the United States and international offices in India and Bahrain. The company has been involved with many high-profile projects that have helped the company to stand out in the industry.

Source ConstructionSource Construction delivers on its clients’ interior construction demands and has carved out a niche for itself in New York City.

By Janice Hoppe

Source Construction founder Joe DiPalermo has a passion for turning the residential and commercial interiors of New York City’s elite from ordinary to extraordinary. “We are positioning ourselves to a specialty niche by focusing more and more on townhouses,” he says. “We define ourselves as a boutique service company and we will continue to offer that service by only focusing on a handful of projects at a time.”

GrangerGranger Construction Company Inc. serves commercial customers with integrity and a commitment to the highest quality.

By Chris Petersen

Les Granger grew up on a farm and went into the construction business right out of high school, so he knew a little something about hard work. That’s why, after rising up through the ranks of a large general contractor and becoming president, Granger says he grew tired of being focused on the bureaucratic side of the business. After years of dealing strictly with spreadsheets and sales projections, Granger says he wanted to get back to doing what attracted him to the construction business in the first place. “What it boiled down to was this: I had a passion for building buildings,” he says.

NY WheelThe New York Wheel is already bringing a fortune in development to Staten Island along with stunning views of New York Harbor and Manhattan.

By Russ Gager

The world is going ‘round and ‘round more and more as major cities throughout the world build bigger and bigger observation wheels, each trying to top the other with stunning views from dizzying heights.

One of the earliest of the new set of wheels in urban areas was the London Eye, situated on the South Bank of the River Thames across from the Parliament building and the iconic Big Ben clock tower in downtown London. It was the tallest at 443 feet when it was tilted into position in the millennial year of 2000.

East Coast Energy

East Coast Energy Group provides clients with quality craftsmanship.

By Alan Dorich

Not many can say their clients include a Major League Baseball team, but East Coast Energy Group can. The company is proud to have the New York Mets as part of its customer base, COO Vincent Palmieri says.

“We are their official energy provider,” he says, noting that this pride is shared by the team, which has signage for East Coast Energy Group at Citi Field Stadium in Queens, N.Y. “We try to get the name out there.”

Pinnacle EnvironmentalPinnacle Environmental succeeds because it understands each project requires something different.

By Chris Petersen

No two projects are alike, and understanding that fact has been one of the biggest keys to the success of Pinnacle Environmental in the New York City market. The environmental services contractor has been serving the Tri-State area for nearly 20 years, and President Paul O’Brien says in that time the company has built up a diversified client base as well as a reputation for doing things right and for a fair price.

Clark HIne

Clark Construction Group is engaging neighbors as it builds the Hine School redevelopment.

By Tim O’Connor

Every redevelopment project changes a community, but successful ones often blend in with the existing neighborhood while creating opportunities for residents new and old alike. That’s the goal with the Hine School redevelopment project in Washington, D.C.

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