C3DC3D surmounted many challenges in its design of 232 7th Avenue in Manhattan.

By Alan Dorich

For C3D Architecture PLLC, the 232 7th Avenue project is more than just a mere structure. “This whole building works like an organism,” Principal Damir Dan Sehic says. “It has its own bones, skin and systems which have to work as a whole, very similar to human bodies.”

ZENFI NETWORKS STOCK PIC1ZenFi Networks helps customers in New York City meet their Internet infrastructure needs.

By Chris Petersen

The skyline of New York City is what most people envision when they think about the city, but the skyscrapers are only the tip of the iceberg. What really keeps New York City and other metropolises running is the infrastructure underground, and in recent years the traditional utilities of electricity, gas and water have been joined by a new utility: information. The importance of 24/7 access to the Internet has necessitated the construction of a new form of infrastructure, and ZenFi Networks is one of the few companies working in this new utility that can provide a complete turnkey service.

Kith 1Dycon’s best practices have earned it high-profile clients, including AT&T, Bergdorf Goodman and New York Life Insurance Co.
By Alan Dorich

When a retail client hires Dycon Enterprises, it can expect the contractor to keep a close eye on the details. “Details are critical,” owner and President Douglas Yagilowich says. “Details are what make the project standout.

“In my opinion, anyone can be a contractor,” he continues. “But if you pay attention to the minute details, you achieve a better result in the end.”

ELO Contracting picELO Contracting & Consulting’s design/build offerings set it apart in the New York City market.

By Chris Petersen

When John Oehler started ELO Contracting & Consulting 20 years ago, the vast majority of contractors building multifamily residential in New York City were focused solely on the construction side of things, leaving many developers to handle the architectural and design side of the process themselves. Today, that’s still the case, and it has allowed ELO to create a strong niche for itself through its design/build focus.

Serving the New York City metropolitan area, ELO concentrates on building multifamily residential projects throughout the area. Oehler says the company primarily serves owner/developers, and over the last 20 years it has built a strong reputation with many of the top developers in the city for completing high-quality work while making the construction process as painless as possible for the developer.

Durr MechanicalDurr Mechanical’s reputation for quality work on mechanical systems carries it into new markets.

By Tim O’Connor

Safety is a priority on any job site, but Durr Mechanical strives to go beyond what is expected. Eight years ago, the company began a job hazard analysis (JHA) program. At the beginning of each shift, site workers were required to discuss their tasks for the day and evaluate the risks, difficulties and potential hazards.

The JHA ensured that every person understood the issues and was conscious of safety. “It wasn’t apparent at first, but it is very, very effective,” Thompson says. “The men buy into it, which is a big deal. If the men don’t buy into it, you’re wasting your time.”

Cobham WirelessCobham Wireless’ Fiber DAS solutions provide enterprise customers with cellular, Internet and public safety peace of mind.

By Chris Petersen

The world is changing, and being connected to the world at large is more important than ever. That’s why property owners throughout North America are looking to enterprise solutions more frequently to provide their tenants with wireless connections they can count on, rather than relying on telecommunications service providers to supply the infrastructure.

In this new landscape of wireless infrastructure, property owners and businesses are looking for equipment providers who can meet their cellular needs as well as their public safety needs, and that is why Cobham Wireless stands apart as one of the market leaders in those areas. Vice President of Coverage Sales, Americas John Giarolo says the company’s ability to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to a property’s public safety and cellular needs is one of Cobham Wireless’ greatest advantages.

Structure TechStructure Tech understands that speed in the superstructure paves the way for completing the rest of a project.

By Tim O’Connor

When Gerry Cormican and his partner, James Scully, founded Structure Tech NY as a foundation contractor in 2009 the country was still in height of a recession. It was a sharp lesson in keeping costs down, staying lean and creating alternative approaches, Cormican says. Both partners often filled multiple roles and were hands on with projects to ensure work was done on time and within budget. “You have to think outside the box and find different ways to get things done,” he adds.

Those early challenges meant that Structure Tech had the leadership and lean processes in place to expand quickly after the economic recession had passed. As the building market picked back up, Structure Tech filled the vacuum left by those competitors who didn’t survive the downturn.

The company began heading in a new direction in 2012 when it built its first superstructure building. “That gave us a platform to significantly increase the size of the company and we took it from there,” Scully says. Since then, Structure Tech has branched into superstructure concrete and masonry, allowing it to add crews and grow in size.

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