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ClaremontClaremont Construction Group’s experience with development and general contracting allows it to bring projects like Marin Towers into being.

By Eric Slack

Claremont Construction Group has been on a path of growth and evolution since its founding in 1954. From its roots as a commercial painting business, the company transitioned into one of the country’s largest carpentry and drywall companies providing interior general construction services in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 1991, the company has been a full service development and general contracting firm, having completed more than 2,000 residential units and more than 2.5 million square feet of commercial space.

One of the reasons for Claremont’s success is its experience with managing all aspects of development and construction. The company understands everything from site feasibility and design to pre-construction and financial execution, capable of serving on projects from start to finish while performing comprehensive development and construction services.Claremont info box

Claremont has developed a reputation for building strong relationships with clients, as well as for delivering projects on time and within budget. This has helped Claremont to develop a diverse client list that includes private, public and non-profit organizations.

At present, Claremont is expanding its development and general construction businesses. Its focus is on urban, transit oriented real estate, with current development projects valued at more than $280 million and a development pipeline that is approaching $375 million. In the general construction arena, the company currently has $360 million in third party contracts and more than $500 million in its project pipeline.

“What we are known for now is our luxury and affordable urban multi-family housing project,” Director Richard Sciaretta says. “We also have some commercial projects, and our general contracting business does historic renovations as well. Our company has always been nimble and flexible, changing with the market.”

Going Up

Among Claremont’s projects is Marin Towers in Jersey City on Marin Boulevard between 8th and 9th streets. Partnering with The KRE Group on the project, Claremont is serving as developer and general contractor on Marin Towers, which was designed by Marchetto Higgins Stieve and HWKN.

“We first got this site under contract in late 2012 and went through many steps, such as complete rezoning, council votes and site plan approval,” Sciaretta says. “We brought KRE on as a co-developer early on. As co-developer and general contractor, we have been involved with pre-development and pre-construction since the beginning. In those dual roles, we have brought a lot of value to the table and have been able to value engineer the project by being involved throughout the entire process.”

The 17-story, all-union project features 398 luxury units and 267 parking stalls with a 135,000-square-foot concrete podium. It also includes 13,000 square feet of Class A amenity space and 25,000 square feet of retail and commercial space. Another element is a fifth-floor terrace above the parking garage with a pool and landscaped area for the tenants. Marin Towers is currently under construction with a development cost of $165 million. Construction on the project began in January 2017.

“The project utilizes 520,000 square feet of the Girder-Slab structural system, which is a trademarked structural system,” Sciaretta says. “This is one of the largest projects that has used that system in New Jersey. The Girder-Slab system provided cost advantages as well as weather advantages because it is built in a pre-fabricated fashion.”

Key Elements

Marin Towers has a unique design with a V-shaped cutout in between two towers, which was necessitated due to protected views of the Manhattan skyline for other properties. Additionally, there is a storm easement that runs through the center of the building that needed to remain accessible. The parking garage is centered on that easement.

Essentially, that means there are two separate residential towers situated on top of the podium. This required extensive pre-planning to overcome structural challenges and to maximize parking space for residential units. At the fifth floor, the project transitions from the parking to the residential levels, which have different column locations.

“There has been a lot of structural work in order to make sure that everything functions,” Director of Purchasing and Estimating Bruce Jester says. “The foundations are done, and the transfer slab on the fifth floor is in the process of being constructed. To ensure continuity of the schedule, we will do the south tower first with the north tower going up when the cladding of the south tower starts. The project requires extensive logistics to move the crane and oversee material activity. We are looking at about two years of construction from start to finish, as the project is scheduled to be wrapping up by the end of 2017.”

When the project is complete, co-developer KRE will be relocating its headquarters to the podium of the building. That is a bold statement about the quality of the location, something that all of the stakeholders involved believe speaks volumes about the confidence in the project’s potential.

Ultimately, Claremont and its partners are developing a unique project that utilizes an innovative Girder-Slab structural system. The project will have exceptional amenity spaces, first-class unit finishes, and a façade that will standout in downtown Jersey City.

“This is a prominent project that is two blocks from the Holland Tunnel and has a great view of Manhattan,” Sciaretta says. “Our ability to bring this high-rise project to market says a lot about Claremont. This is a large magnitude project, physically and financially, and it will be a game changer for our company.”

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