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SSC picSSC High Rise Construction believes in quality and project size over quantity when it comes to the superstructure projects it completes.

By Jim Harris

SSC High Rise Construction, a family owned and oriented construction company, is devoted to providing high-quality concrete construction services to accommodate the diverse needs of owners, developers and construction managers across the New York metropolitan area.

SSC High Rise is owned and operated by brothers Timmy and Michael Mahoney who founded the company back in 2011. “When we started the company, we decided that we would target large scale projects in New York City,” says Michael Mahoney, who has more than 18 years of construction industry experience.

“Our objective was to focus on projects with larger square footage and concentrate on one or two jobs at a time, in order to control labor and oversight,” he adds. “We have been able to take advantage of the scale of our work by building two projects with a million square feet at any given time, along with selective midsize projects. This allows us to use higher-quality foremen and enables us to concentrate on quality. Our experienced and superior office staff fully supports the field.”

Timmy Mahoney says the company is highly dedicated to its clients, vendors and employees. “In terms of our vision, we strive to build and maintain working relationships that exceed expectations,” he says. “Our goals are to provide a quality product, maintain a safe work environment, and keep our customers satisfied. We pride ourselves on our service, where the construction design is never compromised and the schedules are always met in a timely manner.” SSC box

As its name suggests, SSC High Rise specializes in concrete superstructure on large commercial and residential projects. The company uses sophisticated European formwork systems. The engineering provided by these established and sophisticated formwork suppliers make working on high-rise buildings safer and more efficient, while providing the quality owners are looking for.

SSC High Rise’s niche, focus, and status as an open shop company places themselves in rare company among specialty contractors in New York City. “We’re pretty unique in that there are maybe five to six open shop superstructure contractors with credibility here, and only a few other companies are able to work on projects with the square footage that we do,” Michael Mahoney says. “Every owner knows who to call to get this sort of work done and we are often at the top of that list.”

Because of the size and complexity of the superstructures SSC is involved with, the company typically works directly with project owners and closely with their designers, engineers, and construction managers. SSC High Rise works with many of New York City’s largest owners and developers including: JDS Development Group; G&M Realty; and Alma Realty. “We rely on repeat business – once we make a connection with an owner on one project, we are usually building one to two more for them,” says Timmy Mahoney. “We work with owners who understand what it takes to build a 50- to 100-story building in New York City.”

The company works directly with developers during construction planning to determine whether project costs can be reduced through value engineering before final costs are established, resulting in mutually agreeable terms. “Our market is relationship-based,” Michael Mahoney says. “Owners know who we are and usually call us directly to tell us what projects are in the works and provide us with reasonable timeframes to complete the superstructure.”

Recent Projects

With New York City experiencing a megaproject boom across its five boroughs, SSC High Rise is not lacking for work. The company recently completed a 600,000-square-foot cast-in-place superstructure for two 20-story towers located at 34-46 Vernon Blvd., in Long Island City, Queens. The $18.5 million design/build project’s contractor is Vordonia Contracting, a construction arm of Alma Realty.

SSC High Rise received only 50 percent of the project’s drawings before it started work. The company worked directly with Vordonia to complete the design of the superstructure and helped expedite the project from the beginning. “This build was particularly difficult, because we acted as the construction managers to coordinate the design not only for ourselves but also for all the trades involved with the superstructure,” Timmy Mahoney says. “We used Peri formwork, which allowed us to maintain four-day pour cycles throughout the project in order to complete the superstructure in just 12 months.”

The company just recently completed a $48.5 million superstructure project for JDS Development Group at 626 1st Avenue (also known as the American Copper Buildings) in midtown Manhattan. The project, which took 18 months to complete, consists of 880,000-square-foot cast-in-place twin towers. One of the towers is 50 stories high, while the other is 42 stories. Each tower features slanted columns, which gives the effect of the towers “leaning” both East and West and North and South. The towers are joined by a two-story parking garage and plaza area, as well as a three-story sky bridge.

“With columns such as this, use of ordinary layout and formwork is challenging, as much attention to detail is required,” Timmy Mahoney says. The installation of the bridge required slab leave-outs as well as huge structural beams of more than five feet in depth to allow for installation of the massive steel trusses and structure.

“The bridge required comeback work to install the concrete slabs to allow for installation of a swimming pool within the sky bridge, which became logistically challenging as the bridge stands 27 stories in the sky,” the company adds. “The leave-outs required specially designed Peri formwork to allow for the heavy loads of the large concrete beams and steel structure.”

Site logistics were also challenging because the project’s towers are directly adjacent to extremely busy midtown streets. The company used tower cranes at each building under strict supervision and with a number of safety procedures in place.

Upcoming Projects

In May 2016, SSC High Rise began work on a cast-in-place superstructure for 5 Points, a 1.3-million-square-foot project located at 22-34 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City for G&M Realty.

The $65 million project includes twin 50-story towers. Superstructure work is scheduled to last 12 months. Both towers sit on top of a four-story podium. SSC will use five cranes and the Peri formwork system to complete the superstructure, which will afford on time project completion.

In July 2016, the company will initiate a project at 161 Maiden Lane in downtown Manhattan for owner Fortress and construction manager Pizzarotti-IBC. The project will include a 200,000-square-foot cast-in-place 60-story superstructure. “We will again be using Peri formwork, with their self-climbing form system at all the shear walls to help hold us on a four-day pour cycle,” the Mahoney brothers say. “The location has logistical concerns, but with the help from Peri and their engineering staff to help design platforms, catwalks, & self-climbing systems, our job will be safer, easier, and more efficient.”

Close Contact

Timmy and Michael Mahoney, as well as brother Brian – a senior superintendent at SSC – take a direct role in all of the company’s projects. “We were all brought up in the industry, so we’re very hands-on and are on site almost every day working out the kinks of our projects,” Timmy Mahoney says.

The company does not operate a strict chain of command on its job sites. “We will talk to any employee who calls us, and will talk to project foremen, project managers and employees directly on the site,” Michael Mahoney adds. “We know everyone in the company – if anyone has any concerns, they know that they can talk to us directly.”

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