SCHOOL DISTRICT MODERNIZATIONSHere are five ways to modernize school district security.   

By Tammy Fulop

School safety and security are more important than ever to students, parents and administrators. Yet many school districts are saddled with outdated security systems and procedures. Many districts are actively exploring upgrades that provide peace of mind and deliver safer environments, but are unsure what investments to make. 

JOHNSON CONTROLSYou can achieve smarter buildings with an outcome-driven approach.   

By Jim Nannini

To develop a future-ready intelligent building, building owners must first define their vision. Operational efficiency, a safer and more resilient facility, and improved sustainability – these results are all possible when undergoing smart building transformation. Whether for a hospital, school, airport or corporate headquarters, once building owners define their desired outcomes and priorities, they can strategically put that plan into place with a smart building partner who can drive forward the vision from design through building optimization. The result is a customized, comfortable and connected environment that supports better outcomes for the building owners and occupants that rely on it. 

MATT LEEGreen building materials are shaping the future of construction.   

By Matt Lee

A rapidly growing trend in building design is the move towards green building materials and sustainable architecture. The “Green Movement” has spread throughout consumer’s lives, affecting everything from their choice of clothing to what food they eat. Thanks to an increased awareness of environmental concerns, more people than ever are opting for more green lifestyle choices. The same trend is happening in architecture.

INFRASTRUCTUREThe construction industry needs to train people to build infrastructure.   

By Peter Dyga

The United States has a $2 trillion, 10-year deficit in its infrastructure investment. Those numbers, from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), reflect how far we have fallen behind in maintaining and upgrading our transportation, water and school systems. However, money and time tell only part of the story – we need to train people who will construct roads, water treatment systems, buildings and beaches.

FIVE STEP REVENUE RECOGNITIONIt’s time to get ready for the five-step revenue recognition standard.   

By Jennifer Costello

Since the beginning of time, or at least that’s the way it feels, construction contractors have recognized revenue from long-term contracts using the cost-to-cost percentage-of-completion method. Under this method, judgment and subjectivity were pretty much nonexistent. There were rules, and we followed them. 

FINANCIAL MODELING FOR CONSTRUCTIONHere are some project management best practices in financial modeling.   

By Paul Brussow

With construction costs comprising between 60 percent and 85 percent of the budget for commercial developments, the need to efficiently oversee and balance resources is a top priority. Key to this challenge is the project manager (PM), who synthesizes data on costs, materials and time to maintain the integrity and momentum of the job. 

DATA CENTER CONSTRUCTIONLocation matters for data center construction.   

By Steven Cooke

In today’s hot commercial construction market, the data center-building sector stands out as a particular bright spot. Driven in large part by the booming cloud services and IoT markets, data center construction in the United States is expected to grow by more than six percent a year through 2022. And as demand for data-related services continues to grow, more and more companies are entering this high-growth sector or expanding their current operations to take advantage of the seemingly limitless demand for more data.

COMMUNICATION MISTAKESHere are seven steps to prevent common mistakes in contracts.   

By Julia M.I. Holden-Davis

Construction contracts come in many shapes and sizes: from a handshake to several hundred-page agreements with numerous attachments. No matter the size, many of the same concerns exist and must be addressed. Here are seven questions to ask yourself to avoid some of the most common mistakes:


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