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With more than 60 years of industry experience, it is no wonder Flatiron Construction Corp. has become the second-largest bridge builder and one of the leading transportation contractors in the nation. The company as a whole has an annual construction volume of more than $1 billion, completing projects in virtually every region of the United States.

Since entering the Utah market in 2009, the company has secured the $87 million SR-92 design/build highway project in Lehi, Utah, along with $50 million in water/wastewater projects across the state. The SR-92 project includes heavy roadway paving, PCCP paving and the construction of seven bridges. The two-year project is on track to be completed this October.

Flatiron also has several treatment plants under construction in Utah. Its experience in this market includes the installation of systems ranging from a reverse osmosis project in West Jordan, Utah, to a membrane technology project in Henderson City, Nev. The company is venturing into small pipeline jobs and mechanical plants this year, as well.


Today’s increasingly competitive market is prompting Flatiron to focus more than ever on innovation to set itself apart. “We implement value-engineering methods to accelerate construction and reduce costs,” Utah Operations Manager Peter Clark says. 

The company also encourages employees at all levels to bring their ideas to the table to shed light on alternatives that project owners may not have considered. On Flatiron’s North County Boulevard project, located near its SR-92 project, the company is using full-depth reclamation to pave the roadway. This value-engineering process requires pulverizing existing asphalt and the underlying road base before being shaped to grade and sloped. After the cement is mixed into the pulverized material and refinished, the surface is paved.

“There’s no import, excavation or purchase of material, so we are reusing all the existing material,” Project Manager Matt Barnes notes. 

In addition, Flatiron has become more precise than ever on its bidding, and relies more than ever on its vendor relationships to secure competitive material pricing. “We expect very competitive pricing from our suppliers, and try to be as lean as possible on our project teams,” Clark explains. Flatiron’s key partners include Komatsu Equipment.

Collaborative Approach 

Flatiron strives to maintain a collaborative approach on its projects, including formal partnering and dispute resolution. “Additionally, our in-house engineers work closely with clients and field teams to create safe, cost-effective solutions with minimal environmental impact,” Clark says.

Quality is at the forefront of its operations in each project. With a motto of “build the best, be the best,” the company strives to deliver projects on time and without incident, while meeting or exceeding project milestones. “We maintain a safe work environment for workers and the public, while operating with environmental awareness and sensitivity,” Clark says. “We are good neighbors with the community.”

The company has long relied on the talent of its employees to contribute to the firm’s overall success. Although Flatiron hires employees who boast impressive track records, the company also stresses the importance of providing opportunities for internal promotions. Employees participate in Associated General Contractors (AGC) apprenticeship programs, as well as in-house training modules. 

“We also have a requirement that all our salaried individuals complete a minimum of 40 hours a year of professional development training,” Clark says.

“Each individual may request training in a variety of areas, which we offer about every six months to update skills of our staff,” Clark continues. “Flatiron’s goal is to provide the opportunities that will allow each employee to grow within the company.”

Industry Achievements

Flatiron’s work has been recognized industrywide, garnering a collection of awards and recognitions to be proud of. This year, the company received the 2011 Partnering Success in Motion Award (Gold) from the California Department of Transportation for the team’s effort in its Highway 65 Lincoln Bypass project in Placer County, Calif.

The firm also has earned numerous safety awards from AGC, as well as recognitions from the Design/Build Institute of America. 

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