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Martam picMartam Construction’s broad expertise helps it take on hard jobs.
By Alan Dorich

There are companies that will avoid tough jobs, but Martam Construction Inc. is willing to take “whatever the market gives us,” Vice President Dennis Kutrovatz says. “We’re diversified in a lot of different areas to keep moving along.”

Elgin, Ill.-based Martam Construction’s specialties include concrete paving, excavations, bridges and underground utilities, small and large drainage jobs, and bike paths. “We try to do whatever we can,” he states.

Kutrovatz’s father, Tamas Kutrovatz, started the firm as a general contractor in 1973 with a single crew. Initially, the company performed sidewalk, curb and sewer work and moved into roadwork in the late 1980s.

Today, Martam Construction operates in a competitive market, but its diverse range of skills sets it apart. “We compete with a wide variety of companies, but most of the companies are singular operations,” Dennis Kutrovatz says.

“We have an advantage where we can do all the work and you’re not relying on and doing it with multiple subcontractors,” he says, noting that this makes the company ideal for taking on tough jobs. “The ones that have some more difficulty to them tend to be the better ones for us making money.”

Signature Projects

Martam Construction recently showed its range on the renovation of Oak Meadows Golf Course in Addison, Ill. The course, which had suffered from chronic flooding, will reopen as The Preserve at Oak Meadows this summer, spanning 288 acres with 18 holes.Martam box

The project included the improvement of the natural habitat in the property and increasing the land’s stormwater-carrying capacity by 20 million gallons. “That’s been a nice signature job we’ve had for the last two years,” Kutrovatz says. “We did all the excavation and dirt moving, and storm sewer work.”

The company also recently built a roundabout at the intersection of Burlington Road and Route 47 in Campton Hills, Ill. A roundabout was chosen for the project when it was determined that it would work better than a traffic signal at the location.

Because of its strong work on the project, Kane County recognized Martam Construction with a Contractor of the Year Award. He notes that the county also recognized the company for its work on Anderson Road in Elburn, Ill., which consisted of concrete paving, mass excavation and storm sewers.

A Top Team

Kutrovatz joined Martam Construction in 1988. In addition to himself, “We have a lot of second generation employees from when my dad worked here,” he says.

Over the years, the company has nurtured a work environment where “everyone’s positive,” he says, noting that he takes input from associates. “I take what they say and try to implement suggestions. It’s always been a growing process.”

He praises its management team, which includes Project Managers Chris Margewich and Wayne Wall. “Both have their strengths,” Kutrovatz says, noting that Margewich has 16 years at Martam Construction. “Chris works on a lot of the Illinois Department of Transportation projects, so he’s very well versed in the work.”

Wall joined the firm six years ago, carrying extensive experience in mass excavation. Previously, “We did excavation on a small scale, [but] he brought that to the company,” Kutrovatz says. “He’s also brought in a bunch of good superintendents and foremen with him.”

Staying Positive

Martam Construction is keeping busy despite a light market. “There’s not a lot of major work out there,” Kutrovatz admits, noting that work on Illinois’ Interstate 90 kept builders busy for a while before recently coming to an end.

The company is staying positive. With the Trump administration’s goal of improving the nation’s infrastructure, “We hope the economy is going to pick up and that’ll really change market conditions,” he says.

Kutrovatz hopes the Safe Roads Amendment will allow Illinois to improve its roads. Often, the state has used portions of its road fund to pay for other areas. “If the Feds can get a nice infrastructure program through, Illinois will have the matching funds to move forward on some bigger jobs,” he predicts.

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