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Minger Construction picMinnesota’s Minger Construction has a reputation for taking on challenging and complex civil and utility construction.

By Chris Petersen

Many contractors like to focus on the easy projects, but that’s not how Minger Construction in Minnesota built its name. President Luke Minger says the company has earned a reputation over the years for rolling up its sleeves and tackling some of the most challenging heavy civil and utility work in the upper Midwest.

As Minger puts it, the company is proud to be known for taking on work that many other civil contractors would think twice about. “We’re kind of in a niche,” he says. “We do a lot of tricky projects.

“We get a lot of phone calls from people who know that we can tackle a project no one else can handle,” he adds.

Today, Minger Construction is a larger heavy civil and utility contractor, but it started small. The company was founded by Minger’s father, who bought into a neighbor’s business performing utility hook-ups for new homes. At the time, the company was little more than Minger’s parents, a tractor backhoe and some contracts for water and sewer hookups, but over time the company grew as word spread about the quality of its work. Soon, Minger Construction was performing water and sewer hook-ups for entire housing developments. Minger joined the company right out of high school in 2000, and today the company has 85 employees and earns nearly $50 million in revenues a year. Minger box

Minger Construction’s specialties include sewer and water, tunneling, site excavation and lift station installation, but Minger says the company has evolved over the years. In 2007, for example, the company changed directions when it started taking on more rehab and reconstruction work as well as trenchless construction, giving it more differentiators in the marketplace. As the company continues to head in the right direction throughout the upper Midwest, Minger says Minger Construction is being careful not to become so big that it loses the family atmosphere that has made it so successful over the years. As long as the company continues to focus on the elements that have brought it success in the past, Minger says, it expects to continue building on its reputation.

Best People

Even though Minger Construction has become known for taking on complex and challenging projects, Minger says the keys to the company’s success with those projects are fairly simple. Minger credits the hard work of its people and the devotion they have to high-quality work for where it is today.

“Our greatest advantages are people,” Minger says. “I think we have some of the best people in the business.”

Thanks to the company’s dedication to finding, hiring and retaining the most qualified and experienced people available, Minger Construction can give its customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing the company will always give its best effort on the job site. Quality people lead to quality work, according to Minger, and ensuring that the company never takes shortcuts is a major component of Minger Construction’s philosophy.

“We do it right the first time – we don’t half-ass it,” Minger says. “We put all of our forces into it.”

Because of this dedication, Minger Construction’s customers know they can put their trust in the company. “We’re not just there to make a buck and move on – we want to make sure we and the owner work together,” Minger says.

Changing With the Times

The company entered the world of trenchless construction several years ago because Minger noticed a trend toward utility and civil construction having less impact on the general public. With many municipalities and developers wanting to keep such work out of sight, the use of trenchless applications has increased significantly. “You see the industry doing more of that, and we’re trying to keep up to speed on that,” Minger says.

In addition, he adds, the company is working hard to keep up with advancements in technology, utilizing tablets and laptop computers on site to share project documents with greater speed than in the days of photocopiers and fax machines. Minger says the advancement of wireless communication technology has been a significant boom for the company by enabling closer coordination of projects.

As the company looks ahead to the future, Minger says he sees the aging of the labor pool being an issue that the entire construction industry will have to contend with. Fortunately for Minger Construction, he adds, the company has been focused on keeping its activity levels steady so that it does not need to staff up as quickly as other contractors may have to.

Maintaining a steady but strong level of activity will be key to Minger Construction’s success in the future, according to Minger. He says the company would prefer to continue to offer the same high level of quality it has become known for rather than grow for the sake of growth and possibly lose its grasp on quality. “I don’t want to get too big or get out of our comfort level,” Minger says. 

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