The public sector – whether at the federal, state, or municipal level – provides great sources of revenue for construction companies. However, as many construction executives have learned the hard way, there can always be a danger to participating in public projects. These projects often bring a unique set of headaches and require delicate relationship management. Not only must construction companies answer to their clients, but when public funds are involved, they end up answering to the general population as well.

All is well that ends well. When The Mustard Seed, a Calgary-based nonprofit organization that provides housing and other services to homeless people, proposed a development of affordable housing in Calgary in 2006, the surrounding community did not embrace the project. But by engaging the community and the neighbors in open and transparent communication – and establishing parameters for how employees and clients of The Mustard Seed would operate within the community – the charitable organization received approval from the city in 2009.

A diverse set of capabilities helps Wall Works USA Inc. maintain its position as one of the eastern seaboard’s top residential renovation companies. “Wall Works USA Inc. is a unique construction company, being that we are not a typical general contractor relying solely on a distribution base for materials, nor do we rely upon the typical contractor and subcontractor relationships to perform our contracts,” President and owner Stephen Hodgins says.

As a family owned company, R.E. Goodson Construction has a simpler operation than some general contractors, Office Project Manager James Goodson says. For instance, “We’re able to handle the day-to-day [matters] with the owner of the company,” he says. “[It’s] not an outside person, [but] an inside person that makes the decisions.”

Of all the aspects of Americana that people hold in high regard, two that always stand tall are small town life and civic pride. These ideas have endured, and now, developer Sudberry Properties is striving to inject them into its Civita project in Mission Valley, Calif. “We are determined to seed such a place, a place that will live happily and age gracefully during a long, fruitful life,” the company says. “This is a place based on leading-edge ideas in sustainable development, combined with the timeless principles of town planning.”

Beauchamp Construction Co. Inc. President Dean Thomas did not need a crystal ball to see that by 2005, something strange was happening in his south Florida construction market. “It was pretty obvious – construction costs had risen significantly from 2000,” he points out. “We were building apartment buildings for $50 a gross square foot in the late 1990s. In 2005, it didn’t matter how cheap of a project you were building – it was costing $200 a gross square foot at a minimum.

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