For the majority of Canadians, it isn’t too difficult to find one of The Source’s more than 700 locations. The consumer electronics retailer – which formerly operated for more than 40 years under both the Radio Shack and Circuit City banners before its purchase by Bell Canada Enterprises in 2009 – estimates that more than 75 percent of the country’s population lives within three miles of one of its stores.

“We’re in almost every notable shopping center and enclosed mall in the country, and have a presence in almost every major downtown commercial corridor,” says Nick Bobrow, senior vice president, finance, whose team manages real estate for the Barrie, Ontario-based company. “Our points of distribution are unparalleled in the consumer electronics retail realm in Canada.”

For nearly 40 years, Landrex Developers Inc. has provided quality homes in beautiful locations to residents across greater Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With its commitment to state-of-the-art construction and efficiency in pre-planning, Landrex has developed nine master-planned communities under the Dynasty Builders title, while simultaneously becoming a leader in the region for commercial development.

Over the years, the company has found success by adhering to a set of business ethics. Each project that Landrex embarks on – whether residential or commercial – carries the same considerations, such as optimizing land use and being a good steward of natural assets. The company also strives to leave a positive legacy in each community it creates, and to give back and support the towns in which it conducts business.

Buying a home might be the biggest decision most people will ever make in their lives, so it’s no small comfort when a homebuilder goes the extra mile to ensure homebuyers feel that all of their needs are being attended to. That’s the philosophy espoused by Newfoundland’s Karwood Contractors and its president, owner and founder, Greg Hussey. According to the company, Hussey founded Karwood Contracting in 1999 with a focus on energy-efficient residential construction. Over the years, the company has come to be known as a leader in design and sustainability, but everything it does is rooted in the idea that its clients aren’t just buying a property – they’re buying a home.

When the market changes, Fishman Holdings North America changes with it. As part of an international development firm founded in Israel, Fishman Holdings North America owns 6 million square feet of commercial properties consisting of shopping centers and office towers, along with 2,000 residential units. This includes nine enclosed class A and class B shopping centers in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan that total approximately 4 million square feet.

When traveling, people want their trip to go smoothly and to  avoid such taxing inconveniences as being crammed into tight spaces that are overflowing with people. And that is something that the Fort McMurray Airport Authority is now currently striving to avoid with its new expansion and redevelopment project.

Quality is a key focus for most companies, if not an operation’s front-and-center concern. Businesses use their own ways to ensure quality, but those that maintain the best quality on a consistent basis are the companies that tend to rise to the top. Trimen Electric Ltd. is one of those market leaders, and its approach to quality work not only strengthens its own business, it also benefits the electrical contracting industry as a whole.

Most property owners would see a neglected, underperforming rental property as a liability, but Mainstreet Equity Corp. sees an opportunity. The Calgary-based real estate firm has spent the last 13 years building a portfolio of successful residential properties that were once left practically for dead. Vice President of Capital Expenditures Mike Guidolin explains that Mainstreet prides itself on being able to renovate underwhelming properties into something much more appealing to the marketplace. 

Lopes Ltd. is proud to have reached its 35th anniversary this year, but it does not see this milestone as the end of the line in what it can accomplish. With a history of ongoing, positive growth and a reputation for succeeding in diverse markets, Lopes Ltd. is confident of its ability to keep growing and responding to new customers that require its expanding set of quality services. 

Gasonic Instruments Incorporated began monitoring air quality in 1990 – long before sustainability was a buzzword – and has been on its toes ever since to respond to market trends and customers’ desires. The Alberta company not only offers nearly 10,000 detectors and monitoring devices, but also provides solutions for the best use of the devices.

When completed in April 2011, the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) at University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver’s Point Grey campus will stand among the most innovative and high-performance sustainable buildings in the world.  “CIRS is more than a building,” the university asserts. “It is also a new way to reach out into the community and help people learn about sustainability and how it applies to their lives.”

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