On a competitive landscape, being able to do what you say makes all the difference. As it celebrates its 20-year anniversary, Rosecroft Custom Homes has built its business on that concept. 

President Veral Herbst founded the Alberta-based homebuilding company in 1994 and today runs the business with his two sons. The company started in home maintenance work and quickly moved up to small home builds. Today, Rosecroft builds an average of 65 homes a year serving the starter and mid-range housing market. Herbst says the company plans to increase that number to an average of 75 homes a year. The only challenge in getting there is land. 

“It’s competitive for land,” Herbst says. “There are a lot of builders competing for land position with developers but that’s the only way to grow your business. You need land to build on. The developers only allow so many builders on each development so you have to get in a good position with them. Things are different here versus in the United States. In the U.S., a big builder can develop its own land and build houses, whereas we have to rely on developers to supply us with land.” 

As one of Canada’s largest real estate developers and construction management companies, Minto Group has long enjoyed the premier status of an industry leader. Now, it begins a new era of leadership within the firm as new management settles in. 

“The company has been around for almost 60 years,” explains David Stewart, president of Minto Communities – Canada. “It was started by four brothers in Ottawa, and they very successfully grew to dominate the Ottawa homebuilding scene. It grew into a builder and operator of rental, retail, and industrial with a substantial portfolio.”

Minto Group recently changed from a company managed by the founding Greenberg family to a non-family managed firm. Minto was started by the four Greenberg brothers – Louis, Gilbert, Irving and Lorry – in Ottawa in 1955. 

When the market changes, Fishman Holdings North America changes with it. As part of an international development firm founded in Israel, Fishman Holdings North America owns 6 million square feet of commercial properties consisting of shopping centers and office towers, along with 2,000 residential units. This includes nine enclosed class A and class B shopping centers in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan that total approximately 4 million square feet.

Director of Leasing Nancy Rosenmann explains that a shifting consumer market has prompted the company to redevelop several of its shopping centers. 

“The definition of the department store today in shopping centers has changed drastically over the last decade,” Rosenmann says. “Anchors such as Apple, Sephora, Forever 21, Zara and Coach – they are driving the traffic rather than department stores, which historically was the case for the last number of decades. We’re targeting that demographic with disposable income – both the tweens because their parents indulge them and the young people who live for today.” 

Located on the Avalon Peninsula in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, an exciting construction project is taking place in the town of Paradise. EllisDon was selected as the design/builder on the new Paradise Double Ice Surface Arena, which celebrated its groundbreaking in May 2013 and is aiming for completion by September 2014.

“This project is one of the first true design/build projects in Newfoundland, which is usually a traditionally lump-sum market,” Senior Project Manager Kevin Reptke says.

Some developers might take the easy way out and repeat themselves over and over, but not Cameron Communities Inc. (CCI). Instead, the company strives to make communities that are “one-of-a-kind.”

The firm, a division of Cameron Development Corp., says it was founded with strong values. “Our commitment is to families and to creating communities that last,” CCI says. 

“With a team of professionals who carry out their work with pride, our communities are built with the homeowner in mind,” the company continues. “With quality building, creative design and beautiful urban landscaping, homeowners can have a house to call home in a neighborhood close to amenities they need.”

 For more than 50 years, Wertman Development Corp. says it has focused on developing and operating quality residential rental apartment buildings. Based in Vancouver, the company’s portfolio also includes retail, medical and commercial projects.

Founder Leo Wertman started the company in 1962 with the construction of its first project, a two-level retail/residential building. Wertman Development grew from there as Leo Wertman constructed and maintained apartment buildings as he raised his family in Vancouver.

 Many regions across Canada were hit hard by the recent economic downturn, but the least affected is probably Alberta, Rick Lystang says. Instead, the owner and president of Rococo Homes Inc. says that his company has continued to enjoy strong and steady business in its home province.

“Even into the crunch with oil [and] gas, generally Albertans have high-median incomes, and these people still have disposable income to spend on quality housing and they spend it wisely,” he says. “They usually put it into solid real estate investments where the market has been strong.”

new management structure in one of its two offices will allow Reid Built Homes to better meet its corporate goals. “Our mission is to be the market leader in the development, design and construction of affordable high-quality family housing products,” says Anul Patel, business development manager of the homebuilder's Calgary division. 

The Calgary division of Reid Built Homes was initially created in 1992 as an independently owned franchise of Reid Built Homes Ltd., an Edmonton-headquartered company founded in 1982. The Calgary office in 2012 was acquired by Reid Worldwide Corporation, the Edmonton company's corporate owner.

For the second time in 50 years, RCG Group will consider itself a pioneer in real estate development. In its home city of Richmond, British Columbia, the zoning ordinance in the light industrial area will change to include residential development. Properties owned by the company in that area will be retrofitted to fit the city’s new increase in demand for housing. 

President Harold Goodwyn’s father, Harvey, founded the underlying holdings companies of what now forms the RCG Group in 1964 by leveraging his experience in civil engineering works, drafting and multifamily development, as well as standard steel fabrication. His vision was to specialize in industrial developments in Richmond, which set the stage for change and improvements to the industrial landscape of the lower mainland. “In the late ‘60s, he built warehouse buildings to spec in succession that were 25,000 square feet and 100,000 square feet, which at the time was a very large building,” Goodwyn says. 

A s Greenwin Inc. and Verdiroc Development Corp. develop communities, the two sister companies also lend their helping hands to these areas. “[We’ve] always strived to achieve excellence in designs that fit or enhance the communities they go into,” Greenwin Chairman and Verdiroc Vice President Cary Green declares.

Toronto-based Greenwin’s history goes back to 1948, when Green’s grandfather Lipa Green and partner Arthur Weinstock founded the company to build single-family homes.

One year later, the second generation of the Green family entered the business with the hires of Cary Green’s father, Harold Green, and his uncle, Al Green.

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