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In a competitive landscape, being able to do what you say makes all the difference. As it celebrates its 20-year anniversary, Rosecroft Custom Homes has built its business on that concept. 

President Veral Herbst founded the Alberta-based homebuilding company in 1994 and today runs the business with his two sons. The company started in home maintenance work and quickly moved up to small home builds. Today, Rosecroft builds an average of 65 homes a year serving the starter and mid-range housing market. Herbst says the company plans to increase that number to an average of 75 homes a year. The only challenge in getting there is land. 

“It’s competitive for land,” Herbst says. “There are a lot of builders competing for land position with developers but that’s the only way to grow your business. You need land to build on. The developers only allow so many builders on each development so you have to get in a good position with them. Things are different here versus in the United States. In the U.S., a big builder can develop its own land and build houses, whereas we have to rely on developers to supply us with land.” 

Fortunately for Rosecroft, it has built critical relationships with developers such as Strata and MLC who have seen the company’s strong execution in the market. Rosecroft has worked with the developers in the Fort Saskatchewan market – a suburb of Edmonton – for the past five years. As it moves to expand its capacity, the company is keeping a look out for available land. 

“We have some opportunities coming in from other areas in western Edmonton and we’re waiting for those to come online,” Herbst says. “We will be able to reach more capacity as long as we have the land base to do that.” 

The Right Support

It also has to make sure it has the people. Herbst explains that with more interested homebuyers coming to the area, homebuilders compete not only for land but for tradespeople, too. Because of that, the company wants to grow in a way that won’t sacrifice quality. 

“We don’t want to quickly expand our number to 200-plus homes a year because then we might loose control of what we are doing,” Herbst explains. “When that happens, your trade base gets too watered down and then you’re just trying to get bodies in there and it doesn’t always work out for the best. For us, we want to maintain the trade base we have and expand to the point where we can manage and keep control. We have guys that have been working with us for the last six, seven years. We’ve developed relationships with certain trades and they are still working with us today.” 

Just like its name suggests – Rosecroft Custom Homes – the homebuilder specializes in customization, which is unique for its particular starter home to mid-range home market. Within its six models, Rosecroft’s salesteam works with customers to finalize all design details. So whether it’s the spacious and popular Sydney model with three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms and 1,767-square-foot open floor plan, or the bungalow-style Yewdale with living spaces surrounding a central stairwell leading to the walkout basement and a downstairs space that can be configured to each homeowner’s specific needs, owners can tailor the homes to fit their needs. 

“Everybody has their own ideas and tastes, so we have a lot of selection in our show homes and people do tend to lean that way,” Herbst says. “However, everybody does want something a little different. Our salespeople have a good knowledge of interior design and decorating so we do quite a bit of customizing for people. That’s not something that’s offered a lot in our price range. But if the homeowner suggests it, we will try to accommodate it.” 


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