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Numerous cranes hover throughout Toronto’s skyline, making it one of the busiest cities for construction in North America, according to the city council’s economic development committee. And one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to the city’s construction development efforts is Brad Lamb, founder and president of Lamb Development Corp. (LDC). 

Lamb founded LDC in 2001 after spending more than 13 years consulting, marketing and selling more than 100 of Toronto’s major projects. His goal in creating LDC, the company says, was to “bring something different to the development world” and directly participate in the development of “stylish, urban condominium projects.” Since then, Lamb has completed 12 projects with more than 2,000 units. Additionally, LDC has four projects under construction for 1,050 more units, as well as eight projects in development, which will result in 2,000 units. 

“Lamb Development Corp. has become one of the country’s busiest development companies, with each project pioneering up-and-coming locations and delivering a stylish, urban solution to each property,” the company says. “Completed projects in Toronto are some of the hippest, most contemporary buildings in the city.”

‘Crafted Quality’

One of LDC’s current projects is The Harlowe, which is located in Toronto’s fashion district. The area is known for its warehouses, the company says, and for The Harlowe, “the idea here was to reimagine what a functional turn-of-the-century brick warehouse might look like if it were built with modern design,” Lamb said in a statement. The 13-story structure will have 22 units and its exterior and many of the interior common areas will use red brick sourced from Pennsylvania. 

The Harlowe’s condominium features will include:

    •9-foot ceiling heights in principal rooms;
    •Exposed concrete feature walls and columns;
    •Slab-style bathrooms with brushed-chrome hardware;
    •Frosted-glass sliding bedroom doors;
    •Gas barbecue connections on balconies and terraces.


“The Harlowe represents something truly rare in housing today: timeless beauty with a sense of crafted quality,” the company says. “It’s obvious that Harlowe has a true understanding of history because she reflects it in her style. While she is heavily influenced by a time gone by, she is thoroughly modern. Coming home to Harlowe means walking past the elegant terrace bistro shaded by her massive suspended awning. Her lobby is steeped in craftsmanship, strength and history reflected in red brick, blackened metals and woods. A fireplace warms her lobby and provides guests a feeling of welcome. Each apartment has been lovingly designed with its residents in mind; all of their concerns are taken care of.”

Just west of The Harlowe is LDC’s King East, which was completed in 2011 and designed by Core Architects of Toronto. “The King East wraps King and Parliament respecting its context and projects a modern and playful pattern of red brick with bands of concrete onto its façade,” Core Architects says. “This treatment is inspired by the use of historical elements from neighboring St. Lawrence Market with a modern flair.”

King East is a 15-story structure with 215 units, and the company notes it anchors the last original intersection of the old town of York. “Like all Lamb Development Corp. developments, it is architecturally spectacular, and provides a modern and unique market to the end of the old city,” the company says. “The building offers an innovative two-level mezzanine-style retail space of 14,000 square feet that is a hit on Toronto’s Furniture Row.”

LDC is dedicated to providing striking design features in all of its developments so they stand out in the crowded urban landscape, and the company credits its architectural and interior design partners with helping it to achieve its vision. “By collaborating with two of Toronto’s best modernist architectural firms – Core Architects and architects Alliance – Lamb Development Corp. is providing architectural statements that will stand the test of time,” the company says. “Brad J. Lamb has long associated all of his developments, and those of his clients, with the most current and relevant interior designers available. 

“A philosophy of providing what would be expensive upgrades elsewhere as standard finishes at all LDC developments has been nothing short of revolutionary. LDC’s goal is to bring excellent condominium design with spectacular clean, modern architecture, allowing both the building residents and the residents of the city to mutually benefit from an invigorating and thoughtful experience.” 

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