ECPECP combines quality manufacturing and its skilled staff to succeed. 

By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

Whether a business is in commercial or residential construction, industrial, utility T&D, solar, or oil and gas pipeline markets, those companies need products that are designed and engineered to perform. Earth Contact Products (ECP) understands this very well, and with its dedication to find solutions, it has become the leader in the foundation industry and one of the largest suppliers of steel piers and helical anchors in the United States. 

Based in Olathe, Kan., ECP is a family owned company that is “driven to excellence for their family of partners.” The company’s dedication to contractors (partners) was established when it was founded in 1998, and it remains true today. Currently, ECP has more than 100,000 square feet in its manufacturing facility and is set to complete construction on an additional 20,000 square feet in Spring 2020. ECP info box

“ECP’s backbone of success comes from our dedicated employees,” says Brad Mitchell, co-owner. “Our employees care and believe in what we are building for our partners. One employee who’s been with us for 20 years made the statement that explains who we are at ECP – Our Earth, Our Community, Our Partners. This tells me that our employees take pride in what is being designed, welded, tested and shipped. That is the measure of true success.” 

Currently, ECP holds patents and trademarks on more than 18 items, and its engineering department backs up this innovation by providing the best service and support to its partners in the industry. What keeps ECP’s standards high is using American-made steel for manufacturing. This allows ECP to repeat excellence from yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

Training and Support

ECP takes pride in its certified training program. Sixteen years ago, ECP saw the need to provide constant training to partners and employees. As the workforce changes, ECP continues to offer exclusive field and engineering training that includes yearly national conventions, on-site training, workshops and continuing education. 

“Education is the key. Many of our partners are looked upon by engineers, general contractors, and homeowners as the professionals in their markets,” says Aaron K. Grayham, director of sales. “The training and support ECP provides our partners are tools to make them the industry leaders.”

High-Quality Products 

ECP was built upon its steel pier system, which has led to the development of other foundation repair products over the years. These include helical piers, light pole foundations, waterproofing systems, utility anchors, carbon fiber and PolyPier. ECP takes great pride being a one-stop product shop, offering:

• Steel Piers – Foundation issues can show themselves through cracked sheet rock, cracks in foundation or misaligned windows. ECP’s Steel Pier line has been designed to lift and support sinking foundations by using high-pressure hydraulics. This is done without any vibration to the surrounding soils and structures.   

• Helical Anchors – Throughout the United States, the engineering community specifies helical piles for new construction projects, tiebacks and underpinning. ECP’s helical torque anchors are specifically designed to prevent settling foundations, straighten walls or lift sunken foundations.  

• Light pole foundations – This is an economical foundation method designed to support streetlight poles. ECP’s light pole support anchors provide an environmentally friendly and quick install without using concrete.  

• PolyPier – This is a two-part polyurethane product that ECP launched in January 2018, and it has quickly become an industry-leading product. PolyPier offers a variety of repair possibilities for a business, allowing owners to diversify. PolyPier can lift concrete steps, concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, slab floors, geotechnical soil stabilization, interior concrete floors, pool decks and more. 

• Utility – ECP is a leading U.S. manufacturer of helical guying and poleline hardware products for the electric utility industry. Helical guy anchors are RUS Certified. Transmission and distribution anchor products.  

• Waterproofing systems – ECP’s waterproofing protects buildings against moisture. Methods include exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, carbon fiber, crack injection, sump pumps and crawl space encapsulation.

In addition to its quality product line, ECP understands the importance of its team. “At ECP, our greatest asset is our people,” Grayham says. “Our team includes experts in geotechnical and structural engineering, construction, foundation repair, foundation assessment, training and installation of repair products. Like most global leaders, our strengths do not stop there. Our team also includes leaders from all areas of business that include marketing, logistics, accounting, technology, research and development and customer service.”

“We’re a company of doers, believers and innovators,” Mitchell says. “We bring with us original viewpoints and uncommon talents. For everything that makes us unique as individuals, we have a lot in common, too. And the biggest of these is passion. That’s why we develop leaders from every level and every region of the company. We make sure we do everything the only way we know how, the best way.” 



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