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By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

When Amur Equipment Finance (AmurEF) approaches working with a contractor, it’s not about a simple one-and-done transaction. AmurEF is a nationally ranked independent equipment finance company – recognized as a top-10 player in 2017 – whose management team has more than 100 years of combined industry experience. In fact, AmurEF takes pride in its ability to leverage its industry and sector knowledge to provide clients with exceptional service as well as customized, yet competitive, financing solutions. These combined attributes are proving to be a successful formula for AmurEF. The benefit to its customers is clearly demonstrated by AmurEF’s robust growth over the last few years. AmurEF expects its 2018 year-end performance, including organic originations growth, to far exceed 2017 performance and to break into the top-five category of national independent equipment finance companies.

“Our direct strategy to target end-user clients provides us the opportunity to work more closely with contractors, ensuring they receive finance solutions that fulfill their expressed needs,” Senior Vice President of Sales Brent McWhorter explains. “We are also able to provide advice, when requested, because of our vast knowledge and competence in the industries we serve. Being intricately familiar with how our clients utilize the tools we finance and how they generate revenue with them, allows us to provide product that helps them operate as efficiently as possible.Amur info box

“By providing more than just a term and a rate, we become valuable to our customers as we directly impact their ability to succeed more so than the typical equipment finance rep who just quotes a predetermined structure and rate to their customers without regard to their specific need,” he adds. “We will never have a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude.”

AmurEF recently assisted a long-term client in the Dallas-Fort Worth aggregate market that required key component financing for a second sand-and-gravel facility. Multiple locations allow producers to serve a wider customer base in a more cost-effective and profitable manner through shorter, and therefore less expensive, hauls and a higher number of daily turns. 

“I would note that our clear understanding of his industry allowed us to provide him with a finance structure that minimally impacted his existing business cash flow during the construction phases of his new facility,” McWhorter says. AmurEF understood the owner needed to have the second facility up and running before his operation’s full cash flow would be realized. 

AmurEF structured the payments for the equipment to be lower and more manageable during the facility’s construction, and then increase once the facility became operational. With the help of AmurEF, the client was able to plan, build and complete its second location on the opposite side of the Metroplex, creating a second high-quality source of revenue and profit.

Culture of Caring

AmurEF believes speed and transparency are key in its ongoing work with clients. The company has built out a highly scalable sales and credit processing system that allows for high efficiency, rapid response and consistent turn times without sacrificing the quality of credit and performance. Additionally, its diverse funding sources and depth of industry expertise allow AmurEF to be active in small- and middle-market lending, from $10,000 to $2 million and beyond. With efficient internal processes and clear credit guidelines, the company can provide customized financing solutions to a broad range of A to C credit customers.

But this level of service requires quality people, and AmurEF received the Great Place to Work© certification this summer: Clients can be confident the company is attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. McWhorter explains this is all part of the ongoing focus on service and improvement.

“We consistently hire high-quality people and provide ongoing training to keep our salesforce and our internal support group at the top of their game,” he says. “By ensuring that our employees are among the most capable in the industry, we present an incredible opportunity to our customers to enjoy high levels of service and complete satisfaction with the product and structure they receive. The best finance structure is not always based on rate – we clearly understand this.”

He stresses AmurEF’s CEO and executive team consider the employees to be AmurEF’s biggest asset. “Emphasizing a culture of caring provides our employees with a sense of purpose and shared commitment that empowers us to deliver to our customers our brand promise of superior customer-centric products and services,” he says.

AmurEF is dedicated to maintaining a culture of integrity, collaboration, respect and warmth to develop long-term relationships with clients. To bolster this, as one of the Amur companies, AmurEF has access to the expertise of colleagues around the world with experience in finance, operations, risk analysis and portfolio management.

“As a relationship-centric equipment lessor and financier, we have the resources, interest and focus to build and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships,” McWhorter explains. “AmurEF provides the highest level of service to facilitate long-term relationships with our customers and partners. We ensure dedicated relationship support from origination through funding, ensuring service that is efficient, effective and customized.” 

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